3 Common Marketing Functions Provided by Managed Service Providers

Particularly when you’re facing busy seasons of the year, it might bode well for your team to bring on some extra hands to lighten the load. In this case, consider bringing on contractors or consultants to help meet those goals without loading up your full-time employees with too much extra work. Depending on the work, onboard one or onboard a whole additional team.

Some of the major benefits of bringing on contract workers or enlisting a managed service to perform a selection of specialized projects in your organization include:

  • Reducing employee overhead costs.
  • Scaling the size of your staff depending on the need at any given time.
  • Support for seasonal deadlines.
  • Quick onboarding process to meet your immediate need.
  • Evaluating talent to see if their style is the right fit before bringing them on full time.
  • Different experience levels and subject matter expertise focuses.

Some of the most common projects that involve the use of  managed service include:


Copywriters are crucial figures that offer support in different departments, from marketing and branding to UX. Their role isn’t simply to write the content that appears across all of your brand materials. They write, manage and track different pieces of writing, monitoring how they are performing in the area of search engine optimization and audience engagement. The strategies they deploy can help get more eyes on your website or blog, leading to a potential rise in conversion rates.

When your business is looking to improve the quality or quantity of the content it delivers, you may consider outsourcing some copywriters to get the job done. Bringing on contract writers through content staffing solutions can save your organization money, take some of the burdens off your full-time writers, and revamp your content marketing strategy.


Just as it’s important to ensure your content is strategic and engaging, your business should prioritize editing. Perhaps your copywriters double as editors, but in most cases, it can be helpful to bring on someone who specializes in content editing. These professionals know the ins and outs of AP Style and can catch any typos or grammatical errors that can have a significant impact on your brand’s credibility.


According to Creativity at Work, 82% of companies believe there is a deep connection between creativity and business results. As a result, many businesses have taken on a design-led approach in creating content. Since a majority of content lives online these days, businesses understand that a visual aesthetic can draw in an engaged user much more effectively than a hum-drum, basic piece of content.

If you’d like to take on a design-led approach to creative services, you might want to bring on some contract designers, along with proofreaders that can ensure the highest quality and accuracy of your designed pieces. With managed services, you can bring on all the creatives you need to make sure your work is industry-leading.

Finding Managed Services with Profiles

Whether you need to outsource contract work for copywriting, editing, design or any other form of work, get in touch with the creative recruiters at Profiles for expert managed services staffing solutions. We can help set you up with the top talent in your industry to get your projects from the drawing board to the “complete” pile.

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