4 Tips For Excelling in Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

After years of studying and excelling in your positions as an intern, you’ve finally made it and the search for marketing jobs has come to an end. Your marketing career has officially started, and now your goals have shifted from finding a great job to continuing to grow professionally. Here’s how to stand out as an entry-level marketer to earn respect and advance as quickly as possible:

1. Be proactive

In college, working ahead of deadlines and taking the lead in group projects likely played major parts in helping you to earn top grades. The same philosophy should be used in your new job to make a good impression and show your manager that you can stay on top of assignments. CBS News noted that waiting for guidance is one of the biggest mistakes that young professionals make in their early careers. While syllabi were provided in college to direct students on what they should read and when they’re expected to complete a project, those types of resources don’t usually exist in the workplace. Especially at the very beginning of your career, your manager should be able to help guide you, but that assistance can’t be expected to last for long.

“If you sit around waiting for a supervisor to direct your every move, you’ll not likely establish yourself as a dynamic, confident professional. And that can pigeonhole you near the bottom rung for a long time,” Jenny Foss, a career adviser, told the news source.

2. Make punctuality a priority

Being on time is a basic, but important, concept – especially for young professionals who want to separate themselves from the carefree, irresponsible reputation of recent college graduates. Punctuality can help supplement the lack of experience you bring to entry-level marketing jobs, and it helps build respect among your team. The Harvard Business Review explained that being prompt shows your manager that you’re capable of consistently meeting expectations and you’re eager to succeed in your position. If you know you typically run on the late side,change a few aspects of your routine to ensure you’re making the best impression at your new job.

3. Stay conscious of your online brand

While personal social media management is important for all professionals, it’s especially vital for those in all types of marketing jobs. When you have a career focused on brand management, there are higher expectations for your personal brand. If you lack discretion in your personal profile, it can be difficult for a manager to trust that you won’t make the same mistakes when representing the company. Forbes recommended never posting anything that you wouldn’t want your boss to see. If you’re concerned about being tagged by a friend, make sure you know the ever-changing details of privacy settings and adjust them accordingly. As with punctuality, managing your social media accounts is a simple idea that goes a long way in your first job out of college.

4. Work hard, but don’t overwork

Putting in an excessive amount of hours in the office can signal to your manager that you’re serious about the position and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. However, this could also cause you to burn out quickly, noted the HBR. Set a time for a hard stop every day and abide by it. Also, make sure you take breaks when necessary, as it can help clear your mind and actually improve your work. While you may be able to stay ahead of your assignments if you consistently put in long days, it won’t do you or your boss any favors if your work – or your physical health – starts to suffer as a result.

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