Emerging technologies predicted to reshape business strategies in 2013

With the new year in full swing, many companies are getting ready to shape the technology upgrades scheduled to occur in 2013. A diverse array of new business technology trends are expected to surface in 2013 that could impact how IT placement companies conduct hiring, according to a new report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

“Our top trends report shows that a diverse and complex set of technologies are emerging, which CIOs and the C-suite need to embrace and incorporate into their business from strategy through execution,” said Chris Curran, a PwC principal and Chief Technologist for the U.S. firm’s Advisory practice. “Collaboration within organizations will be crucial to business success as each of the technologies has the potential to be a key driver in an organization’s business agenda.”

Cloud Technology
The emergence and development of private cloud technology is expected to attract a great number of businesses that have security and regulatory concerns. According to PwC, many large organizations have been using hybrid clouds, but this is expected to change. Businesses are looking for more value from their IT investments and private clouds offer far better security, privacy and control. Hybrid clouds are more vulnerable than their private counterparts and offer more potential security loopholes that can be taken advantage of.

Data Mining
In addition, the expansion and development of new information gathering tools have created new problems for IT departments. Many companies are finding it difficult to appropriately manage the massive amounts of data they have accrued – decreasing the value of the potential insights these figures could provide. As a result, big data mining and analytics tools are about to become the next strategic investment made by large organizations.

Organizing Information
Extracting useful information from the massive amounts of data generated by the digital world is an emerging requirement for many companies. The Financial Times reports that information technology departments not only have to consider the amount of information they are receiving, but also how to organize and streamline that information when it is coming from multiple sources.

Businesses are expected to make investments in new technologies and procedures that will be able to aggregate new information sources into a unified outlook so that company leaders may gain new insights into their industry. 

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