Supply and Demand for UX Designers

As more organizations have adopted web-based platforms, their demand for skilled UX professionals has risen dramatically across the nation. The demand for these skilled workers far surpasses the supply of individuals in this career. As a result, UX salaries have increased exponentially as companies compete with each other to attract professionals with adequate experience and skills.

As a UX designer, your career is in high demand, so you can expect faster hiring periods and even competitive pay.

The Rise of UX

Since there are more websites, social media sites, and apps than ever before, as well as more smartphone users worldwide, everyday web users have limitless amounts of information and content at their fingertips. People use their phones and computers to obtain their news, play games, and shop. If they don’t consider a website or app to be user-friendly, users will find another with similar features and offerings.

For that reason, organizations need user experience professionals to support and improve their web- and mobile-based projects, landing pages, apps, and advertising. According to a survey of managers and department heads at Adobe, 87 percent reported that hiring more UX professionals was their organization’s top priority.

If you are on the hunt for UX design jobs, now is the time to take advantage of the current market demand for UX professionals.

The Low Supply of UX

With such a high demand for UX designers at companies of all sizes, the supply of these professionals cannot keep up. Since UX is a relatively new field, it can be tricky finding candidates with several years of experience. HR professionals have more trouble locating mid- and senior-level UX designers than they do for those pursuing an entry-level career in UX. As a result, they may hire under-qualified workers to conduct their UX business. Other times, UX design jobs take a long time to fill, leading to lost productivity.

If you have the right amount of UX experience, you can anticipate a competitive salary in this field. According to Indeed, the average salary for UX designers in the US is $92,595. UX designers can expect higher salary offers than individuals in other areas of design with the same amount of experience. Since it is difficult to hire mid- and senior-level UX employees, individuals can experience career development progression at a higher rate than other professionals within their organization. These trends, as well as the overall low supply of UX designers in the US, are solid examples of why you should consider a career in this area.

Profiles UX Designer Recruitment

Whether you’re on the hunt for the right UX designer for your organization or trying to begin a career as one, the UX recruiters at Profiles know what it takes to match today’s best businesses with highly qualified UX designer candidates.

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