[INFOGRAPHIC] Strengthening the Team: How to Manage and Retain Millennials in the Digital Space

If you lead a team of young professionals, you’re not alone. In the U.S., there are 77 million millennials born between 1981 and 1999. This millennial persona makes up a portion of Generation Y, which is described as those born between 1977 and 1995. You may have recruited these professionals on your own or through a tech recruiting agency, and now you need to understand how to effectively manage and retain millennials. Follow these tips for helping your millennial employees flourish in their careers. INFOGRAPHIC How to Manage and Retain Millennials

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Assign responsibility

One of the benefits of having millennials on your team is their eagerness to succeed. They’re in the early stages of their careers, and they’re motivated to do well and contribute to the company. Take advantage of this quality by laying out a plan for growth and rewarding them for jobs well done. This generation responds highly to added responsibility, promotions, and raises, and will work hard to achieve them. Millennials grew up with computers, making them “tech savvy.” You will need the help of graphic design staffing, marketing recruiters or a tech job agency to attract millennial talent, for these disciplines are complimentary for this generation.

Offer instruction

With up to 12 years of experience in their fields, this generation is used to working closely with managers and other executive leadership teams to create plans of action.  In fact, 88 percent of millennials prefer a collaborative work environment over one that’s competitive. Transparency and guidance are important for them to thrive, so it’s not always enough to have weekly one-on-one meetings. Make sure you’re always available for questions, feedback, and support, and provide resources for your employees to help them get started on new projects. Millennials are always connected, whether it’s by phone, text, email, or social media, they expect that you are, too.

Meet frequently

Where some generations prefer to have less interaction with their managers, millennials are the opposite. They’ve looked to their peers and superiors for feedback their whole lives and view it as a necessity to judge their own performance. That’s why, when managing employees of this generation, it’s important to be direct. Offer praise for a successful project and provide constructive criticism when necessary. Confidence is one of this generation’s defining traits, which makes them thrive in an interactive workplace and able to withstand constructive criticism.

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