How To Break Through A Lull In Your Job Search

If you're getting tired of perfecting cover letters and tweaking your resume for each job posting you respond to, you're not alone. The creative job search can be a long, draining process. After a while, you may be tempted to take a break. However, there are certain strategies to try when experiencing a roadblock in your hunt for your next career.

Try new methods

If your weekly process of electronically applying to job postings isn't paying off, you may need to try a different approach to getting noticed. Forbes recommended taking your focus away from the computer screen. Meeting professionals in person can make all the difference in putting a face to your resume. Research networking groups in your industry and use them as a starting point. There, you'll be able to meet professionals with similar goals who can put you in touch with the appropriate people, or be sources of encouragement and advice at the very least. 

Staffing agencies can also be helpful in connecting you to a job that you love. Find an agency that specializes in your field to ensure that you're working with recruiters who have many connections that can benefit your career. After contacting a staffing agency, you may be asked to come in for an interview so the agent can get a better understanding of your skills and goals. From there, you'll have a professional on your side helping you break through the lull in your hunt for the perfect job.

Let your passion show

According to Forbes, one of the main things hiring managers look for in a candidate is enthusiasm. Passion for the company or position can signal to an employer that you're likely to put in more effort to be successful at your job. While an extensive job search can hinder your spirits and dull some of your passion, it's important to put the negativity aside when applying. If you sense that your frustration is getting in the way of your job search, it may be a good idea to take a short break or re-evaluate your goals. Sensing boredom or frustration in a cover letter or phone call can discourage a recruiter from following up.

A unique cover letter that coveys your passion could be a great way to show potential employers how interested you are in a position. Business Insider recommended using a hook at the beginning of your letter to draw in readers and make them excited to read more about you. Small tweaks to methods that you're already using could be what ultimately lands you a job.

Make your job search known

The more people you tell about your job search, the more likely it is that one of these individuals will put you in touch with someone who could help you. According to Fox News, many people found their current job through a helpful connection.

"Research tells us that between 60-80 percent of jobs are found through personal relationships," John Bennett, executive coaching and assistant professor of behavioral science at Queens University, told the news source.

Talking to trusted former coworkers or classmates who worked with you on projects could be the first step in getting the word out there that you're looking. They, along with career services contacts from your alma mater, can be great resources who may be able to let you know of jobs within their current company. Of course, if you currently have a job and you'd rather keep your search private, you may want to be more selective in whom you choose to tell. Use your best judgment when deciding who can help you in your career.

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