Smartphone Apps that Every Content Manager Needs to Download

Content management requires a very organized, creative mind. But with most creative minds, ideas don’t necessarily come when they’re convenient. Mobile-friendly tools that allow you to source, research and share on the go can be a huge help. Here are some of the best apps that aid with every step of your content marketing duties.

Live Site Search Visualisation

Knowing what your audience is searching for on your site is crucial to succeeding in content marketing jobs. If you’ve ever wanted this information in the palm of your hand, this is the app you need to download. According to the app’s website, it takes search information from visitors on your company’s page and displays it on your phone or tablet in a bright, visually appealing way that’s easy to digest. The dashboard shows the terms people are using to find your site, which are pulled in from your existing Google Analytics account, and allows you to see what people are most interested in finding at the moment. Displaying up to 25 keywords at a time, the app requires no technical implementation, but rather just a few clicks and a Google Analytics account. While this is a great tool to have when you’re on the go and need to see which content is most popular, it would also be beneficial in the office. The makers of the app advise displaying it on a big screen so employees can see what’s being searched for in real-time.


As someone who makes a career out of brainstorming ideas for content, you’ll love Mindmeister. It essentially lets you jot down ideas in a visually aesthetic, organized way, the app’s website explained. The tool encourages collaboration and allows you to invite members to view and comment on your “mind map.” Users can comment in real time, making it similar to an organized chat room that saves your conversation. Since it stores the entire exchange on its servers, you can track the history of your map at any point in time. Then, you can share it on Facebook or your other social media accounts with the click of a button (or tap of the finger). You can even present the finished product with ease, as it’s compatible with all devices, from laptops to tablets to smartphones. It’s basically a beautiful display of what could otherwise be a very messy list of ideas, which is essential to those in creative careers.


Buffer is the one-stop tool you need when managing content across multiple social media platforms. The app’s website explains that it allows you to quickly schedule posts from anywhere on the Web, collaborate with others in your organization, and analyze how well your content performs. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed with all of the different accounts that you manage, this tool will help you stay focused and efficient. Basically, you could be on a website that you want to share and schedule a tweet and Facebook post easily without having to sign in to either account. In a matter of several clicks, you could share content wherever – and whenever – you want. With this app, you’re able to schedule posts as far in advance as necessary.


When you’re constantly searching for relevant material to share, you might open an alarming number of tabs or just bookmark the pages for later. For those content managers who get overwhelmed by multiple open tabs or hate organizing their bookmarked websites, help has arrived. Pocket allows you to store articles for a later time in an organized way. You can either save directly from your browser or from any of the 500 compatible apps, including Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. As a bonus, you don’t even need an Internet connection to see what’s saved on the app, so you can easily view from your laptop, phone or tablet without having to deal with a tricky connection.

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