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Career Housekeeping to Lift Your Spirits During Quarantine

Time to read: 5 minutes

Career Housekeeping to Lift Your Spirits Summary
– Combatting the uncertainty and negativity that comes with news of business closures, layoffs, and prolonged social distancing.
– Tips on how to use this time to update your materials and the effects of updating job search materials can have on your mental health, mood, and confidence


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Recession-Proof Industries for Your Job Search

Time to Read: 5 minutes

Summary of Recession-Proof Industries for Your Job Search
– Has COVID-19 started a global recession?
– Recessions are a general decline in economic activity. With that comes a domino effect on employment, spending, and business practices.
– While a recession is among us and businesses are remote due to the virus, candidates should still be job searching and looking for positions in recession-proof industries before the decline really takes hold and affects recruitment.


employee writing a resignation letter at a desk brick wall

Crafting a Resignation Letter: Breaking Down the Format

The time has come. You’re moving on from your position, even accepted a new position, and perhaps have already given your two weeks notice. Somewhere in the midst of this process, it is either required, but most definitely suggested to submit a resignation letter.  Nowadays, the conversation around quitting your job happens before submitting a […]


A women discussing ideas with Corporate Communications Recruiters

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 in the Workplace

Studied, presented, and written by Profiles Operations Manager, Jordan Posey Emotional intelligence (EQ) has become a hot topic for business leaders in the last year or so. In my five years of working at Profiles, I’ve heard our President & CEO, Joe Gambino, mention the term numerous times, making him way ahead of the curve […]


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