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Hiring Software Engineers is no easy task. The growth of the technology industry has created a high demand for Software Engineers thus creating a competitive market for highly skilled professionals with strong communication abilities. Partnering with the right software engineer recruiter, you can hire software engineers that are not only qualified in the required skill sets you are seeking but also bring industry experience and a cultural fit necessary to make a long lasting team impact.

Since 1998, Profiles has matched industry leading software engineers with premium brands and Fortune 500s in the Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas, Newark, Chicago, and Richmond areas. Profiles software engineering recruiters do more than just staff software engineers, our specialized team creates relationships with our clients to recruit candidates that embody their culture and values.

If you’re looking to hire a software engineer, contact Profiles. See how our software engineering staffing agency can match you with the best candidates in the area.

Staffing Solutions


The people you need - when you need them.

Project Based

A team of onsite consultants for long term projects.

Direct Hire

We make it easy to find that killer addition to your team.

Managed Services

Build collaborative teams from scratch

Why Choose Profiles As Your Software Engineer Staffing Agency of Choice?

“Hiring the right people results in team efficiency, motivated employees, and a more productive workplace. No one understands this more than Profiles. That’s why our software engineer recruiters have some of the highest rates of success in the industry. We’ve matched companies with some of the smartest and inquisitive minds in the industry. Profiles represents the top 20% of job seekers nationwide, so you can be sure that you are hiring a software engineer that can get the job done.

Profiles specializes in finding “purple squirrels,” those candidates that seem impossible to find. With decades of experience coupled with our tools and resources, we can present candidate matches within two business days.

Our recruitment agency also takes the time to ensure each placement succeeds in their new job. We will regularly check-in with our clients to make sure each placement is performing up to your standards. If for some reason they aren’t a good fit, our 90-day guarantee will find a replacement at no extra charge.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

Profiles staffs a wide variety of software and computer engineers for clients across all industries. Whether you need to fill a contract position, make a direct hire, or are in need of an outsourced team, our software engineer recruiting firm has you covered. We can help you hire one developer or an entire team of engineers.

In addition, Profiles recruits and staffs a variety of technical jobs. To see a full list of technical positions we staff, please visit our Technical Recruiter page.

How the Process Works

It takes most companies 8-12 weeks to conduct a proper candidate search. With Profiles, our streamlined hiring process can find a qualified candidate in a matter of days. You’ll get a dedicated account manager that will work with you to determine the qualities your ideal candidate should possess. This main point of contact will partner with you from the first kickoff meeting through the lifetime of the relationship so all intellectual capital is kept within to make for a successful and efficient experience.

We carefully screen each candidate’s skills, experience, and personality to understand their career experience and aspirations. Instead of bogging you down with dozens of interviews, we only send the one or two candidates that we believe are the best fit. You will then get the opportunity to talk with each candidate and confirm our selections.

After the hire is made, we continue to monitor our placement’s performance and provide additional training tools and resources to ensure they stay sharp. It’s our commitment to excellence that sets our software engineering recruitment agency apart from others in the area.

Contact Profiles

Struggling to find a software engineer? Don’t prolong the hiring process. Our software engineering recruiters have the knowledge and experience to match you with smart and savvy candidates that will make an impact on day one.

If you’re looking to hire a software engineer, contact Profiles and see how our software engineer recruiting agency can match you with some of the best engineering candidates in the Mid-Atlantic.

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