Analyst Jobs


You are someone who is driven by the numbers. You help drive business decisions based on the metrics and not on a gut feeling. Analysts are a huge asset to the success of business decisions, marketing campaign investments, and website conversion rate optimizations.

It’s more than Excel spreadsheets. It’s a matter of poking holes in the data, identifying trends, opportunity, and modeling a forecast. Partner with a Profiles recruiter today who can connect you directly with Fortune 500 hiring managers seeking Analyst professionals just like you. There's a growing demand for Analysts in the tech job market, so get started today.

Rewarding analyst job opportunities include:

  • Business Analyst Jobs
  • Marketing Analyst Jobs
  • Market Research Analyst Jobs
  • Web Analyst Jobs

Analyst Job Opportunities

  • Brand Merchandising Account Manager

    Marketing | Brand Merchandising Account Manager

    Baltimore, MD
  • Digital Designer

    Design | Digital Designer

    Towson, MD
  • Print Production Consultant

    Design | Print Production Consultant

    Baltimore, MD
  • WordPress Web Developer

    Web Development | WordPress Web Developer

    Arlington, VA
  • Healthcare Marketing Account Manager

    Marketing | Healthcare Marketing Account Manager

    Philadelphia, PA
  • Senior Ad Copywriter

    Copywriting | Senior Ad Copywriter

    Plano, TX
  • UI Developer

    Web Development | UI Developer

    Valley Forge, PA
  • JavaScript Developer

    Web Development | JavaScript Developer

    West Chester, PA
  • Web Project Manager

    Web Development | Web Project Manager

    Philadelphia, PA
  • Ad Copywriter

    Copywriting | Ad Copywriter

    Richmond, VA
  • UX Researcher

    Design | UX Researcher

    washington, DC
  • Full-Stack Developer

    Web Development | Full-Stack Developer

    Springfield, VA


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