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Tailor Your Resume to Any Job Using These 6 Tips

Career AdviceHiring Advice ·  March 13, 2023

Time to Read: 6 mins
Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description Summary:
- Job searching online is convenient, but the vast reach of the internet means that most jobs receive many unqualified applicants.
- Many companies utilize Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help sift through applicant resumes.
- Use the tips below to tailor your resume to the job description and ensure it makes it through ATS.

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An Organized Approach on How to Handle Job Rejection

Career Advice ·  February 27, 2023

Time to Read: 4 min

How to Handle Job Rejection Summary:
- Rejection stinks. 
- Redirecting your mindset towards job rejection goes a long way.
- We explore three questions to ask yourself to help guide you in how to handle job rejection.

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7 Tips Recruiters Want Job Seekers to Know

Career Advice ·  December 8, 2022

Time to Read: 6 mins
- We asked some Profiles recruiters what tips they want job seekers to know.
- Being prepared for interviews, asking questions, and showcasing your personality will help recruiters find you a suitable job fit.
- Put trust in your recruiters because they are your biggest advocates and want you to succeed.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask to Get More Involved at Work

Career Advice ·  November 2, 2022

Time to read: 3 min

Getting More Involved with Work Summary:

- We spend the better part of our lives at work.
- Ask these top five questions to your human resources and/or operations team to get more involved with work.
- How you can best promote employee engagement.

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7 Ways You Can Optimize Your Remote Job Search Strategy

Career Advice ·  October 11, 2022

Time to read: 5 mins

Optimize Your Remote Job Search Strategy Summary:
- Searching for a remote job can be daunting with the overwhelming amount of remote opportunities out there.
- It is important to know establish what you want in a remote job before starting your search.
- Updating your resume and LinkedIn profile, virtual networking, and using keywords can help refine your remote job search.

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Strengthening Your Mind & Overcoming the Sunday Scaries

Career AdviceHiring Advice ·  October 4, 2022

Time to read: 5 mins

Overcoming the Sunday Scaries Summary:
- The Sunday Scaries are a real thing; psychologically referred to as anticipatory anxiety.
- Work is the main source of the Sunday Scaries. Companies are working towards more initiatives around workplace mental health.
- Tips to strengthen the ability to control your mind and thoughts and reframe your mindset around Sundays.

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After an Interview Thank You Email Sample

Career Advice ·  September 22, 2022

Time to read: 2 min

Interview Thank You Email Sample Summary:
- Two after an interview thank you email samples and subject lines provided in this blog post.
- A well written thank you email sent within 24 hours after the interview can position you as a powerhouse that the employer should move quickly on.
- Collect the names and emails of every person you meet with during the interview process and send each an individual a personalized thank you email.
- Express your gratitude, recap your transferrable skills with enthusiasm, and offer a strong close.

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What to Expect When Starting a New Job and Onboarding Remotely

Career Advice ·  September 19, 2022

Time to Read: 6 mins

Starting a New Job and Onboarding Remotely Summary:
- Before starting a remote job, there are various things you can do to set yourself up for success within your first week.
- Companies should consider all factors of their remote onboarding process to eliminate potential hiccups for new employees.
- Building relationships at a new job is different when you are remote, but there are ways to connect with your coworkers even from a distance.

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Deciding Whether to Job Search During a Recession

Career Advice ·  September 9, 2022

Time to Read: 3 minutes

Job Search During a Recession:
- There is no right or wrong answer for deciding to job search during a recession.
- Be realistic in your expectations and be flexible within in your search.
- Reevaluate the industry and job you are searching for during this time.

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What You Need to Know About a Four Day Work Week

Career AdviceHiring Advice ·  July 18, 2022

Time to Read: 6 mins

Four Day Work Week Summary:
- A four day work week refers to a 32 hour work week with the same pay rate as a 40 hour work week.
- Priorities are shifting in the workforce and employees value work-life balance.
- There are many benefits to a four day work week for both employees and companies alike.
- Various companies across the globe have adopted a four day work week using a range of models.

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Medical Marijuana and Drug Testing for a New Job

Career AdviceHiring Advice ·  June 27, 2022

Time to read: 5 min

Medical Marijuana and Drug Testing for a New Job Summary:
- A list of states which legalized medical marijuana use and recreational use.
- Each state varies with their employment protection laws. Here is what you should know when drug testing for a new job.
- Ask your Recruiter in advance if the employer has a zero-tolerance policy.

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Employer Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

Career AdviceCoronavirus UpdatesHiring Advice ·  November 2, 2021

Time to Read: 6 minutes

COVID-19 Vaccine Workplace Summary:
- Employers are trying to do right by their workforce.
- FAQ list to understand what employers can and cannot do when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine.
- Updates from the CDC; exploring workplace vaccination programs.

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