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Q: How are you different from other marketing and creative staffing firms?

A: Profiles looks at the matching process from all angles, ensuring the best match for the Client and Talent. The dynamics of an office environment are delicate, and we understand how important it is for teams to work well together. We thoroughly screen and credential our candidates to better understand their career goals so we can match the right candidate with the right job. Since it is our specialty, we’re better at this than anyone in the industry.

Q: As a Profiles Talent, do I pay to be represented?

A: This is a completely free service for candidates, as our clients pay us to find candidates to fill their positions.

Q: How do I get started?

A: A Profiles recruiter would invite the candidate in for an interview. During this 40 minute to an hour meeting, the recruiter will explain Profiles’ process as well as try to get a better feel of the candidates’ expertise and wants and desires for their next position.

Q: What is the possibility you can find me a job?

A: Should you qualify for a position, our Talent Acquisition Managers will be there along the way to help you have a leg up on the competition and prepare you for each interview process.

Q: Who are your clients?

A: Our clients are some the biggest and most progressive companies in the Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore, and Richmond areas. Fortune 500 companies come to us because they know we are specialists in our field.

Q: How many active candidates are there in the Profiles database?

A: We currently have 10,000 candidates who are actively searching. Your chances of placement are higher when you call your local office to check in on a regular basis. If we know you are checking in often, then we know you are ready to make your next career move quickly.

Q: Do you represent candidates from your current clients?

A: We will represent candidates that are currently, or have in the past, worked with or for our clients. We are obligated, by law, to represent any candidate seeking our assistance, if the candidate possesses abilities that are within one of our disciplines, and if we have an opportunity suitable to these talents. However, we will not actively seek out candidates currently employed with our active Clients.

Q: As a candidate of Profiles, is my representation exclusive to Profiles?

A: No. We encourage all of our candidates to utilize as many avenues as possible when looking for a job. Just remain very organized about the opportunities that you apply to and how you have sent your resume (via web, another recruiter, etc).

Q: Will you contact my current employer?

A: We hold confidentiality to the highest standards. We will not contact current employers unless we have specific approval from our candidates. 

Q: If I choose not to accept a contract assignment, what happens?

A: Absolutely nothing. You do not have to accept any contract positions offered to you.

Q: How do you determine my hourly rate for Freelance/Contract opportunities?

A: The cost of freelancers per hour depends upon the job they will be performing. Call the office nearest you for more information, or submit a request form.

Q: Are benefits offered to Freelance/Contract Employees?

A: Yes. If you are a full-time freelancer for Profiles, we do offer benefits programs.

Q: What are the terms of your referral bonus program?

A: We appreciate all referrals that come our way! As a means of showing our appreciation, Profiles offers a $500 for all referrals who are placed in a contract or direct hire position for 90+ days. To be eligible to receive the referral bonus gift card the referrer must be in our database and your referral contact must be a new addition to our database. Once the referred talent is placed, it is the referrer's responsibility to follow up with Profiles within the first 90 day period to complete a Profiles Referral Bonus form and process the request.

Financial Wellness Program

When it comes to finances, it doesn't hurt to have multiple resources. Profiles believes that when employees truly understand their finances, they can easily manage immediate challenges and work toward long-term goals with greater success.

Profiles partners with Bank of America to implement a Financial Wellness Program to help its employees take charge of their financial goals. Online tools and resources will be made available to all employees, helping in areas, such as:

  • Tax tips
  • Credit Scores and Reports
  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Student Loans
  • Saving for College
  • Homebuying and Mortgages
  • Creating a Budget
  • Retirement Basics
  • And pretty much everything in between!



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