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Interviewing Tips for Hiring Managers in the Online Marketing and Creative Space

How do you determine alignment of a candidate’s skill and personality with the requirements of your position and the culture of your organization? There are many different interview techniques and styles of questioning. No one technique is better than the other, but choosing a technique, training your hiring/interviewing staff, and consistently executing on this technique…

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The Contingency Search Agency Fee Agreement

Over the years, Search Agency Fee Agreements have gotten increasingly complicated as the Legal and Financial Departments have weighed in with their two cents, adding a multitude of insurance, co-employment, confidentiality, arbitration and audit clauses (to name a few). While legally necessary, from the standpoint of recruiting quality candidates, these additions have no bearing on…

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Design and the Modern Workplace

Is your workplace stuck in the 1980s? Images of oversized cubicles and formal, private offices come to mind. Today, organizations strive to be leaner, promote teamwork and communication, and facilitate cross-functional decision-making rather than the bureaucratic, hierarchical process of the past. However, ineffective workplace design often fails to support these goals, critical to a successful…

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Organizational Culture and Employee Retention Strategy – Is it part of your Recruitment Plan?

In my 13 years of staffing experience in Communications and Marketing I’ve seen the pendulum swing from a job-driven market to a candidate-driven market. Candidates today are driving the market, receiving multiple offers and weighing their decisions carefully. However, the offer is not their only deciding factor: Culture fit tops salary in the decision. Are…

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At the PAMA Scene: Changes and Challenges Facing Today’s Chief Marketing Officer

Profiles had the honor of sponsoring the Philadelphia American Marketing Association (PAMA) event presenting the “Changes and Challenges Facing Today’s Chief Marketing Officer” on May 17. It was an interactive CMO panel discussion with Blair Christie from Cisco and Christa Carone from Xerox. It was moderated by Elliot Schreiber, PHD, Clinical Professor of Marketing and…

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The Future of Recruitment

As a Digital Marketer working within the realm of Staffing and Recruiting, I predict the future of Recruitment will be nested comfortably in the hands of the web and enhanced technology. Other industries are already steps ahead of the recruiting industry in regards to how they communicate, engage and service their customers online. It won’t…

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