Why Profiles?

Like a well-tailored suit

...it either fits or it doesn’t.

Working With Profiles

Finding the right fit takes time and the work of a skilled professional. At Profiles — we don't just find people jobs — we inspire and curate careers. Whether you're looking for unmatched talent or a distinguished career, we'll show you what it's like to work with an experienced professional in the the Creative and Marketing staffing industry.

Industry Leading Candidates

If you're a highly motivated candidate, we'll place you with a like-minded organization. Candidates are drawn from the top 20% of job seekers nationwide. Profiles presents one to two candidates to clients, not a plethora for clients to sift through.

Remarkable Expertise

 Don Draper may have been on top of his game, but in this ever-changing era of technology, those who stay on top, stay up on the latest technologies, and that's why we offer free training through Lynda.com.

Community Outreach

 While we're elevating standards in the staffing industry, we're not forgetting about how important the community is in our success. By equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to craft their own future, we're a technical staffing company hoping to impact our community for years to come. 


Masters In Our Craft

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We Get It

In addition to knowing the talent landscape and salary trends, our tenured staff stays ahead of the Creative, Marketing and Technology space. A sophisticated, curious yet humble demeanor is the makeup of our staff. We speak your language. We aren't scared to ask the right questions. We solve business problems. Our selective nature places only the top 20% of talent in their skill set. 

  • We understand the business climate – Knowing who’s hiring. Who’s on the move. Salary landscape. Technology and Marketing trends.
  • We are equipped to counsel – Moving the needle for client brands and talent careers.
  • We match the intangibles of talent with corporations – It’s more than matching skill sets. Profiles gets personal, gains insider information and custom matches the culture fit as well.
  • We guide the entire process – With expert grace, composure and professionalism, a team is by your side every step of the way.
  • We accomplish success – As a result of the work of this team, we have the highest success rate in the industry for matching the right candidates with the right clients and the right projects.
  • We are overachievers - Our Talent Acquisition Managers go beyond resumes and skill sets. We develop deeper relationships with some of the nation's most talented. We get to know their aspirations, their goals. We determine the most suitable projects, the ideal working environment, and the right culture for each individual. Then we accurately match our consultants with a leading corporation.

Our Business Development Managers, work to understand not only our clients’ needs and expectations, but their culture, brand, business strategy, and goals as well. 

Success Stories


It would be remiss of me to neglect to extend my appreciation for your efforts on my behalf. Your professionalism was welcomed and refreshing in an industry that is often plagued with “less-than-professional” individuals. Thanks for all you do….!!
Lenore, Director, Baltimore MD

We have had the pleasure of hiring several contract and direct hire employees with the help of Meryl and Stephanie at Profiles. When the need arises to augment our staff they know exactly who to send for the perfect fit.
Dana, Marketing Director, Baltimore, MD

From the minute I first spoke with my Talent Acquisition Manager, it was clear that she was genuinely dedicated to helping me find not just a great job, but a great job that I would love.
Jon, Washington, DC


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