2017 Marketing and Creative Technology Recruitment Outlook: Most In-Demand Digital Jobs

Planning to hire creative, marketing, or tech talent in 2017? Expect stiff competition for those most in-demand digital jobs. With nearly 5.9 million job openings around the country, many employers are “frustrated” and struggling to find qualified candidates to fill these positions.

Further exacerbating this challenge, human resource teams and hiring managers are increasingly determined to seek out the best of the best, even with the help of creative staffing solutions. After all, if your company has the most talented employees, your competitors won’t have as skilled of a workforce. The trend is only growing.

This prompts the question from many HR teams and hiring managers, “What roles should I focus on hiring in the months ahead?”

Here are the top two in-demand digital jobs in marketing and creative technology heading into 2017:

Web Developers

Every company – from fresh-faced startups to the biggest, most long-lasting corporations – needs a website. So, it should come as no surprise that the demand for developers and web developer staffing services is rapidly on the rise. This means businesses are willing to pay a pretty penny for coders who are able to design and develop intuitive mobile apps, web-based software, ecommerce platforms, and websites.

“In 2017, the average senior user interface designer earn over $163,000.”

PureWow reported that currently the average salary for web developers and engineers sits at around $120,000. Meanwhile, according to Modis, by 2020 this salary will be over $163,000. This demonstrates the higher demand for the most talented and tenured individuals, especially those who specialize in user interface design.

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Data Analysts

Big data is revolutionizing every aspect of commerce and culture, commanding  the intersection of tech and creative marketing. In response, companies are beefing up their teams and staffing analysts who are able to effectively discover valuable insights from all types of data with sophisticated analytics tools.

These data scientists and analysts need to not only have high-level math skills, but also be creative, lateral thinkers capable of turning abstract numbers and trend-lines into new products, marketing techniques and much more. As a reward, data analysts can expect to fetch an average salary between $95,000 and $114,000 in 2017, PureWow stated. For comparison, CheatSheet reported in 2015, these employees earned around $78,000 annually. Thanks to an expected 30 percent rise in demand for these professionals, PureWow’s estimate might even be low.

It isn’t too surprising that web developers and data analytics will be two of the most in-demand digital jobs in 2017. Are you prepared onboard a workforce with these skills?

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