Conducting a Web Developer Interview When You’re Not A Developer

Conducting a web developer interview can be challenging, particularly if you lack the technical background. Increasingly, recruiters and HR professionals have to determine the best way to vet and appraise the talent of web developers while grappling with the limits of their own knowledge.

And with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting job rates for web developers rising 27 percent over the next decade, recruiters and interviewers have to learn fast how to successfully identify the right skills, background and personality of the developer position they need to fill.

Key Web Developer Interview Questions

What is the Scope of the Project?
As such, this is a question that you are more likely to ask yourself than a candidate – but nevertheless, is critically important to know the answer. First and foremost, it is essential that you, as the interviewer, understand the scope of the project or position you are hiring for and what web development skills are required. Even without a web development background, you can still get a basic and fundamental understanding of what your company’s needs are. Consider working with a web developer staffing agency to help layout the scope of work and assist in recruiting the right candidate for an interview.

Consider enlisting a web developer staffing agency to take a look at the project ahead of time.”

What are Your Areas of Expertise?
Across the board, web developers should be comfortable with the most common coding languages like HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP/Ruby/Python, JQuery and JavaScript. However, some candidates may have more experience in one particular arena than another. This can actually be a good thing: Specialization in a particular type of development work means that a candidate is well suited for certain positions at certain companies. Ask web development interview questions about what kinds of projects they’ve worked on in the past and determine which of those they enjoy working on most. That line of questioning will can prove very useful.

What is an Innovative Solution to a Development Challenge You Had To Employ?
This question can be incredibly telling on several levels: By asking a candidate about a time they had to employ an innovative solution to overcome a problem, you can get a sense of their workflow, imagination and use of skills in a pressurized situation. Encourage the candidate to go deep and walk you through the challenge and their approach to solving it. Crucially, the ability for candidates to clearly explain their workflow and thought processes in a web developer interview, even to a non-expert, showcases how they work with direct supervision.

How do you Balance Client Requirements?
This question gives you a further glimpse into a candidate’s thought process. A client may demand an ever-improving UX with a virtually nonexistent turnaround time, so how does the web developer maintain quality while working quickly? How do you respond under bottom line pressure without taking potentially harmful shortcuts?

Contact Profiles for Web Developer Staffing Solutions

If you feel under-qualified to vet possible web developer candidates, Profiles can help. We specialize in working with only the most highly-trained, qualified individuals at the top of their industry. Contact Profiles today to learn more about our creative staffing process.

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