Outsource Digital Marketing Recruitment for Retail Success

These days, the value of digital marketing talent is without question. It takes many tools to reach audiences and attract customers, from brand awareness to social media campaigns to mobile development.

But when you go too close to the cutting edge, it’s really easy to hurt yourself, especially when hiring digital marketing professionals. With that in mind, for retailers looking to hire digital marketing talent, here’s why should outsourcing digital marketing recruitment be a no-brainer.

Digital Marketing Recruitment: Not Highest on a Retailer’s To-Do List

Retail is an all-hands-on-deck operation. According to the National Retail Federation, retailers in America employ 42 million workers – that’s a full quarter of all working adults in the U.S.

Corporate retail leaders are obviously well-equipped to manage big teams and delegate work. However, hiring in-house digital marketing talent may prove difficult to many, especially if hiring managers are unsure of the skills to look for in ideal digital marketers. Retail managers know how to build an army, but digital marketing recruitment requires a more surgical approach, capitalizing on specialized industry knowledge and precise action to land high-value candidates. Outsourcing gives retailers that leverage.

retail digital marketer at computerOutsider Opinions Matter in Recruiting Digital Marketers

It’s pretty hard to judge the curb appeal of a house from the living room. Likewise, retail managers may struggle to honestly and effectively articulate their brand to consumers who don’t have as close a relationship to their businesses as they do. More importantly, strong opinions of competitors have a habit of clouding how retailers choose to stand out with their marketing. Instead of showcasing what makes them unique, retailers settle for what separates them from the other guys.

A digital marketing expert will admit that comparison to competitors is one way to differentiate a brand, but it isn’t everything. Digital marketing recruitment agencies can perform independent analysis – on the business, on the industry, on the labor market – and discern, without bias, exactly what a retailer needs for marketing success.

Digital Campaign Management Creates a Strong Online Presence

Retailers, and indeed all companies, are onboard and know the value of digital. Digital marketing channels are areas of high engagement in which retailers hope to continuously grow and strengthen. A recent back-to-school shopping survey from Deloitte found that 4 in 10 students depend on social media to make purchasing decisions.

But without a marketing professional well-versed in digital campaign management, how will the youngest generation of consumers try your brand this fall, love it by midterms and choose it above all others for the rest of their lives? Retailers can waste weeks trying to find the right digital marketer, burning through in-house resources and possibly ending up with unqualified candidates, thus starting back at square one.

Alternatively, retailers can partner with digital marketing recruiters that bring the best people in their immediate area directly to their doors, while adhering to strict budgetary requirements and timelines.

Profiles Digital Marketing Recruitment

Determining your marketing needs can be confusing, let alone determining the type of professional those needs require. Bring Profiles in to help you organize your thoughts. From entry-level marketing coordinators to e-commerce managers to chief marketing officers, we have extensive knowledge in marketing and creative staffing.If you’re ready to outsource your digital marketing, contact Profiles.


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