The State of Direct Hire Staffing in 2020

Time to Read: 5 minutes

Direct Hire Staffing in 2020 Summary:

  • Understanding direct hire and how it fits into today’s market.
  • What is gained from choosing direct hire staffing.
  • Why enlist a staffing agency to assist in direct hire recruitment.


In 2020, we see the market soaring with the unemployment rate sitting at 3.7 percent and worker pay up 4 percent. Professionals with college degrees are experiencing an unemployment rate of 2 percent. Job skills and technology trends are emerging that will catapult all industries and forever change the workforce. The continued rise in automation, AI, and overall tech will be prevalent. With that, jobs, especially marketing creative technology jobs, are shifting to more blended responsibilities calling on both sides of the brain. As technology advances, jobs are becoming more niche, which requires a more stable hiring strategy.

Direct hire staffing finds the right candidate for the position, be it through internal means or with the help of a direct hire staffing agency. Direct hire staffing is a more permanent hiring solution with the position filled indefinitely. In today’s tight, candidate-driven market, direct hire employment, despite the steady pace of contract work, is still desirable to the largest generation of the workforce; 65 percent of millennials prefer direct hire employment, citing  “job security” and “fixed income” as the reasoning.

Any job will benefit from the time and attention of direct hire staffing; however, direct hire is a great choice for your more mid-to-senior-level positions. These jobs are higher up and closer to senior leadership, requiring stability. From there, create a blended workforce with your more mid-to-lower-level marketing and creative positions (depending on needs). The effort that goes into recruiting for a direct hire position increases the recruitment timeline. More thorough vetting is required to find the best fit for this permanent hire.

Why Direct Hire Staffing?

Why do corporations choose to hire an employee permanently when they can save money by scaling a contract workforce or contract-to-hire staffing model? It really is a matter of preference and need within the team or company. However, below we’ve gathered up the top benefits of direct hire staffing for you to chew on:

Employee Motivation

The growth potential with the company is visible. When a clear career path is prevalent, there is nowhere to go but up. Not to mention, there is no end date to their position, alleviating the stress of finding the next gig.

Employee Culture, Engagement & Retention

This is a big one with all three interchangeably affecting one and other. As we mentioned, the vetting process is much more thorough with a direct hire. It is within recruitment the best long term fit is found. As a company searches for the best fit for the job, they are also looking for a fit for the company, and should they be found then success is underway to meet company culture goals.

Company Growth

When discussing growth, a direct hire can have a lasting effect on the expansion of the company in terms of headcount as well as sales. The stability brought by building a team through permanent positions allows the growth potential to come to the surface and intellectual capital to mature inside the company

Use a Direct Hire Staffing Agency

It’s no question using a direct hire staffing agency will help save time and money. Recruiting for a direct hire position, as we stated, is costly and time-consuming. 14 million Americans find jobs through a staffing agency, which means one thing: companies are utilizing them. Aside from those savings, here are the additional benefits of enlisting a direct hire staffing agency for your open position:

  • Wider-talent pool.
  • Bandwidth to do the job. 
  • Recruitment Tech Toolbox.
  • ‘Get-it’ Factor in candidate conversations.

Profiles Direct Hire Staffing Solutions

Profiles creative and marketing direct hire recruiters are equipped with the widest talent pools and the latest recruitment technology to truly be a partner in your search for a direct hire position. Hand over the reins to us and regain your bandwidth to focus on your core business. We will present 3-4 qualified candidates, all you have to do is confirm our selections or provide feedback on a new batch of options.

Contact us to learn more about our direct hire staffing solution.

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