Hiring Best Practices in Recruiting for Marketing and Creative Positions

We live in a world that is evolving daily, but the demand for creative professionals remains as strong as ever. Much of our world is becoming automated, however, nothing can come close to competing with human creatives and marketing professionals. Every industry needs visionaries to help their product or service stand out in a crowded space. Do you know how to recruit for the best marketing and creative professionals and seal the deal? Here are some hiring best practices for marketing and creative positions.

Hiring Best Practices: The what, where, and how

What to look for

When hiring in the creative field, most, if not all require certain technical abilities and experience, but along with that comes certain characteristics and soft skills to seek: 

  • Collaborative – The world of marketing and digital are always colliding, and it is truly a team effort to see a campaign across the finish line.. Marketing professionals are working with the analyst or UX/UI or web development departments more than ever. It is crucial that your new hire has the ability to work well across different teams.
  • Creative – According to the  World Economic Forum, creativity is one of the top three skills employers are looking for in 2020. With the never-ending flow of new products and technologies, new hires’ creativity will continue to be tested when it comes to problem-solving, taking risks, and accomplishing goals.
  • Communicative – Words and images are imperative to communications, especially with audiences. Hiring professionals who can choose the proper pieces to best communicate a message is ideal, but what’s further is a professional who can speak, present, and write.   To find these traits, pay extra attention to how interviewers use their body and speech to tell their story.
  • Willing to learn – With so much new technology and products coming into the creative world at such a quick pace, it may be difficult to land a candidate who checks all the boxes. Instead of getting hung up on the technicalities, open up your requirements to find candidates with the skills as well as less skilled candidates who are willing to learn and expand their skills.. Here, you alleviate the risk of passing up viable candidates whom you can develop into exactly what you seek in your new hire. 
  • Flexibility – Finding employees who are willing and able to adapt to trends and needs is important in the marketing and creative landscape. Look for candidates who adapt well to change and enjoy taking on new challenges.

Where to find the best candidates

Having an arsenal of helpful recruitment tools is important in your search for the top marketing and creative candidates.

  • Utilizing job boards, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn is always a great place to start. Post jobs on these sites to bring in web responses.
  • Join a marketing, creative, tech groups on LinkedIn and other social networking sites.
  • For a more localized approach, ensure your job description is optimized for the job location you are recruiting in. Attend networking events for marketing and creative pros in the area. Networking opens up opportunities to meet with all candidates; active, passive, and referrals. 

How to make a convincing offer

Marketing and creative professionals are in high demand, and employers are acting fast once they have found the right candidate.  In this candidate-driven market, new hires are gravitating towards the most competitive package of wages, perks, and benefits. Here are a few tips on how to land the top candidates:

  • Offer an attractive salary package – Utilize your sources to research and offer the most up to date compensation ranges in your area.
  • Highlight opportunities for growth – Today’s candidates want to be continuously learning and challenged. Highlight opportunities for training and/or networking to show you are fully invested in employee growth.
  • Flex & remote work– Offering perks like flextime or remote working opportunities can make a huge difference in morale, productivity, and retention. In some cases, candidates are willing to accept a lower salary in exchange for flexibility. Not to mention, opening up to remote employees expands your talent pool far beyond your city lines, allowing you to find the best.

Hiring Best Practices Guaranteed with Profiles

Hiring isn’t always easy. A true understanding of best hiring practices is key to any recruitment strategy. Stack the odds in your favor with a trusted marketing and creative tech staffing resource. Profiles has what it takes to understand your company, the position, and the right person for the job.

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