Selling Your Stand-out Company Culture in Baltimore

Company culture is a workplace expression of what your brand stands for, articulated through the people you hire, the places you call home, the audiences you keep, and the quality of the products and/or services you provide.

Company culture is at the forefront of the candidate experience. And the candidate market in Baltimore, MD is no different. That’s fitting for a city so eccentric and unabashedly proud of its history that the Baltimore Ravens are named after the 19th-century Edgar Allan Poe poem. The trick is to mix one part “blending in” with ten parts “standing out.”

Company Culture Must-haves

How can you position your employer brand to effectively sell your unique company culture and attract the attention of talented professionals living in Charm City?

Workplace Design: It’s in the Look

In selecting his top 15 picks for the coolest offices in Baltimore, entrepreneur and native son Tom Popomaronis touched on a few key decor considerations that extend beyond the obvious. Each of these will help businesses demonstrate their company cultures to any prospective recruits on the outside looking in:

Interplay between private and public workspace: So many businesses these days go overboard with their open floor plans, but Baltimore’s best think a little harder about what different kinds of spaces say about how they choose to work.

Perks and leisure areas: Every business has them, and some are better than others. Bars, cafés, ping-pong tables – how you play reflects on how hard you work and entices talent with work-life balance in the backs of their minds.

A touch of old school: Not even the march of history can stop Baltimore. Many of the most stylish Baltimore brands showcased their love for the city by restoring and retaining brick infrastructure as well as utilizing salvaged materials. Both are statements of respect for the importance of local heritage that really resonate with true Baltimorians.

Tech Innovation: Take Tech Savvy to Ten

If you want your company culture to stand out in Baltimore, it must gush technological innovation. Young talent from Johns Hopkins University or the University of Maryland won’t come out for anything less.

Love of technology starts even younger in Baltimore. According to CNN, local public schools have begun partnering with the Baltimore mayor’s office to offer classes in coding and Web development as part of an already diverse summer employment program. In a few short years, these hard-working students will want jobs in companies as technologically intelligent as they are.

No matter what your company does, the company culture cannot attract top-tier talent without an appeal to innovation. After all, the best cultures are the ones that feel both grounded in the present and ready to take on the future.

Recruiting Talent in Baltimore

Profiles understands the joys and challenges of recruiting creative, marketing and technology talent in Baltimore. With our headquarters in the heart of downtown, we leverage our experiences with local business leaders and our staff of expert recruiters to discover the best and brightest in your area. Contact Profiles to get your candidate search in Baltimore started.

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