How to Improve Employee Engagement, One Step At A Time

Employee engagement is critical in all business. Think about it.  The happier the employee, the better the productivity. The better the employee productivity, the more successful the business is overall. Learning how to improve employee engagement can help companies increase profits, while the improved company culture that results from increased engagement, can help them attract new talent.

However, achieving 100 percent employee engagement and satisfaction isn’t easy. In fact, it’s actually quite challenging, especially within larger companies. According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace, 32.5 percent of employees in the U.S. are engaged at work. So what can employers do to change the usual modus operandi? Consider these tips for creating an employee engagement action plan.

“Management transparency has a 94 percent correlation rate to employee satisfaction.”

1. Offer and Encourage Transparency

If transparency is not already “a thing” within your company, make it “a thing.” Transparency is the root of all trust employees have in their employer. True transparency means superiors are approachable, the mission is clear, and the culture is increasingly positive. Transparency between management and staff has a 94 percent correlation rate to employee satisfaction.

It’s simple – if a company isn’t clear, honest and open, employees are left clueless and ultimately dissatisfied. To begin creating transparency within your company, start by giving regular reviews, offering collaborative co-working spaces to foster teamwork, and conduct employee surveys to let the staff be heard! Bonus tip: Employee surveys are a great for measuring employee engagement and satisfaction.

2. Celebrate Achievements

Each day, employees experience small and large successes that help push the company forward. If these achievements, even the small ones, are not recognized, employees might feel like their work is not valued. You and your employees are a team. It is important for this team to support one another and laud teammates for their accomplishments that bring success. Employees that are recognized will work more effectively and in turn, praise those around them. All in all, this creates a positive, supportive working environment where everyone strives toward the same goals. Creating company awards or recognizing outstanding employees with small gifts or perks are some of the easiest and most effective strategies for improving employee engagement.

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3. Inspire Encouraging Leadership

improving employee engagement, one step at a timeManagers often have a lot to do with how engaged their employees are. If you’re not only looking to learn how to improve employee engagement but how to improve your management style, take the time to build a solid leadership team.

If employees are not engaged, the company cannot succeed. The only way to achieve a happy, engaged staff is by beginning with a great leadership team. Leaders and managers should work to inspire and encourage their employees to do better. Leadership teams who go the extra mile to praise employees for their work reap the benefits of a positive and productive team. Just as you praise your top performers, keep an eye on your struggling employees. Take the time to work with these employees to set goals and figure out how to improve their workflow. Honing on any issues will show true leadership and dedication to the team and performance.

4. Be Open to Change

One major deterrent of employee engagement is a company that is stuck in its own ways. Companies with high rates of employee engagement listen to their employees’ feedback and apply changes to make for a better working environment. Company leaders should trust employees’ opinions and be willing to make the changes they suggest. Even if the idea cannot be put into place, it is better for employees to know they are being heard so they feel more empowered to speak up.

5. Team Building Activities

Those who understand how to improve employee engagement, know that employees who work at companies that actively host company parties and/or have volunteer opportunities are significantly happier, more productive, and engaged at their company. Instead of focusing on activities inside the office, bring people outside and engage them with fun activities.

Host company barbecues and happy hours. Partner with charities for philanthropy opportunities. Reward the top three performers with a company trip. Choose one or all methods that suit your culture best. Social activities such as these allow people to get more comfortable and acclimated with those around them, which contributes towards a positive company culture and employee satisfaction.

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Now that you’ve learned how to improve employee engagement, learn how you can easily attract and retain top tier employees.

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