The In-Demand Marketing Talent You’ll Need in 2020

As businesses transform and consumer expectations change, the way you market has to change too. As you think about the initiatives planned for the year, have you considered what creative and digital talent you will need to achieve your 2020 goals?

We’ve compiled a list of five of the most in-demand talent on marketing teams today. Do you have talent gaps in any of these areas?

1. UI and UX Designers

These two types of designers are essential for making websites, apps and other digital platforms as user-friendly as possible. UI / UX designers work hand in hand: User interface designers control the look and feel of the imagery, icons, typography, and other graphic elements, while user experience designers make sure all of those pieces function effectively. Both keep usability and gratification in mind when designing new products, which improves customer interaction and loyalty. They’ll also help enhance existing products to improve customer experience, thus driving in more positive results for the company.

2. Digital Copywriters

Similar to traditional writers, a digital copywriter have strong written communication skills to deliver fresh, witty and engaging content that accompanies the visual elements of advertising and marketing efforts. More importantly, digital copywriters have a sharp focus on creating content for online channels, such as websites, UX interactions, and social media. The right digital copywriter can elevate the copy your company delivers on its own platforms as well as for other clients. Keep in mind that these writers may also label their skills as content writing, content creation or digital copy editing.

3. Graphic Designers

With increasingly short attention spans, we often depend on visual content for quick communication. These design experts are the key when you decide to hire creative talent for producing effective and aesthetically pleasing visual content in a timely manner. It’s always helpful to hire a graphic designer with the specific skills that cater to your company’s current needs, such as a knack for web production, illustration, infographics, logos, videos or multimedia.

4. Digital Project Managers

In a digitally-driven world, it’s important to have a streamlined process to manage all projects, budgeting, goals, and results. That’s where the digital project manager comes in. They’re the tech-savvy leader who will schedule project meetings, delegate tasks, manage scope, build reports and evaluate project success. Their job is to keep in-house processes organized and timely while maintaining client satisfaction with the experience and deliverables.

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5. Digital Marketing Specialists

It’s important to have employees with the right digital talent to create and manage effective marketing campaigns for digital platforms. Think branded social media pages, email campaigns, search engine optimization, paid search and campaign measurement. The digital marketing specialist is the point person for all marketing and content strategy. They offer solutions to implement new trends and insights into ongoing and new campaigns. If you’re heavily focused on measuring results, consider hiring a digital analytics manager to support the digital marketing specialist efforts in collecting and analyzing data.

How a Creative and Digital Staffing Agency Can Help

If you’re ready to hire the ideal creative and digital talent, working with creative staffing agencies, like Profiles, make it easier. Talk to the digital recruitment specialists at Profiles today. They know how to match you with the high-quality talent that can help your business succeed in 2020, and for many years to come.

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