Philadelphia Web Designers Use These Top Portfolio Websites

Web designers looking to showcase their latest and greatest work often run into a challenge: “What is the best way to show off my design skills?” Luckily for web designers, there are a variety of top portfolio websites that offer the tools to cast your work in the best possible light.

What Should You Look For in a Web Design Portfolio?

Fundamentally, there are a few common characteristics of the top portfolio websites that web designers lean on:

Visual Design

First and foremost, a portfolio should look good. A poorly-designed, aesthetically unpleasant portfolio can do a serious disservice to even the best web design work. Make sure your portfolio site is clean and well-organized, embracing a minimalist theme so as to not distract from the work.


Employers aren’t just looking for web designers with technical know-how: They want to see that you are creative and inspired. Don’t just opt for the default or most basic template, choose something that exhibits personality. Take your skills and really apply them to your portfolio. Build from a current template, or build out your own.


A crucial aspect of any portfolio is information about your process, the types of services you offer, and a quick summary of what you did to optimize a piece of work. Additionally, share the business intent of each piece to really showcase your business acumen, alongside your skillset.

Top Portfolio Websites


Squarespace has become one of the top choices for professional designers and amateurs alike. With a variety of attractive templates to start with and the ability to simply drag-and-drop design features – as well as manipulate the HTML code for more high-level editing – showing off your best work has never been easier. The intuitive interface also makes it easy to swap work in and out on demand.


A giant in the world of web design, WordPress sites are still very much the industry standard when it comes to showing off design skills. While slightly less intuitive than Squarespace, the variety of templates combined with the ability to almost endlessly customize pages makes WordPress an attractive choice for web designers. Add to that the fact that you will be showing off your ability to work with the interface that many sites currently use.

Adobe Portfolio

A relatively new player in the market, Adobe enhances its Portfolio offering with seamless integration with its other products like Photoshop and InDesign. This makes tweaking designs and creating stunning visuals even easier, as it connects with Adobe’s innovative Creative Cloud suite of products – allowing you to work on your site from anywhere.

Profiles Web Design Recruitment

Web design is all about staying on to of the latest trends and innovations – both in the market and in a designer’s own work. This means constantly learning and examining old assumptions. Profiles, cutting edge mid-Atlantic web design recruitment firms, offers ongoing training and tools that can help candidates sharpen their skills as they seek new web designer jobs. We know how to match you and your skills with local organizations looking for those talents. Contact Profiles today to get started in your job search.

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