Selling Your Stand-Out Company Culture in Richmond

Steeped in US history and thriving today as a center for law, finance, government and advertising, Richmond is a historical epicenter. Home to a variety of industries, this growing city is full of opportunities, so it’s important your company stands out to potential candidates. Every business and organization has its own personality, built upon values, goals, and expectations. This personality is your corporate culture and making it an accessible part of the candidate experience in Richmond is imperative to attracting the right people to your company.

How can you use your corporate culture to make as impactful of an impression as possible on talented professionals in the River City?

Use Social Media to Show Off Company Culture

Today’s college graduates, from institutions like the University of Richmond or Virginia Commonwealth University, are savvy social media users. When investigating their professional options, these students may look to your company’s social media channels to glean what your corporate culture is like. Make sure you provide those types of opportunities by sharing content that promotes a positive employer brand.

Take Every Opportunity to Make a Personal Connection

Automating candidate responses can save time and make the hiring process easier, but in certain situations, it might send the wrong message about how your organization values people. Especially at the start of an application process, you have the chance to set the stage by prioritizing a personal candidate experience:

  • Send original emails to candidates applying for positions through an online service.
  • Stay competitive in Richmond’s growing corporate market by responding quickly to inquiries about opportunities.
  • Connect with candidates during interviews by focusing on their interests and local hobbies. Ask what they like most about Richmond.

Connect with the Community

Named one of the best American cities for creatives in 2016 by Thrillist, Richmond has a pulse to it that can enhance your own corporate culture.

“Richmond is a creative town, perfect for fanning any techie’s creative flame,” says RTS Labs, a local software development company. With its food festivals and thriving theater and arts scene, Richmond is where creativity not only comes to life but is easily accessible. The city alone may be a draw for those looking for creative staffing opportunities.

Fostering corporate-community relationships and engaging employees on multiple levels can create a cohesive office culture, said Rob DiRocco, senior vice president for Asurion Retail Solutions. In addition to year-round happenings, his employees organize an annual fundraiser to benefit Richmond-based nonprofit groups, such as the Capital Area Food Bank. DiRocco calls this event a “contagious effort that lifted everyone’s spirits at all levels of the organization.” He and his company truly embody a corporate culture that supports the local community in a fun and energetic way.

Ensuring your company culture is visible, sends the right message to prospective employees and ties into the local community can help attract top-tier talent to your company, regardless of your industry.

Recruiting Marketing and Creative Talent in Richmond

Profiles gets both the satisfaction and challenges associated with recruiting creative, marketing and technology talent in Richmond and northern Virginia. With innovative processes that help deliver superior results to clients and candidates, we leverage our experiences with local business leaders and our staff of expert recruiters to locate the best and brightest in your area. Contact Profiles to start your candidate search in Richmond today.


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