Why Content Strategists are Kings and Content is Queen

Infographic Content Strategists are Kings and Content is Queen

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The increasing digitalization of the world is adding new marketing mediums to the landscape of how people consume media. According to the marketing firm Yankelovich, the average person sees more than 5,000 ads a day – that’s significantly more than the 500 a day seen in 1970. As a result, companies are turning toward Content Marketing Strategist as a solution.

These professionals understand business objectives and are held accountable for all contents within multi-faceted marketing campaigns, ensuring a cohesive and consistent message is delivered. They guarantee all copy and images support a brand’s identity and are optimized to engage the intended audience so that it is shared, liked and interacted with.

Content marketing accumulates about 300 percent more leads per dollar than traditional mediums and also costs 41 percent less than paid search results for business, according to The Marketer. That, in turn, means that the cost per lead drops 80 percent in the first five months of a professionally implemented content strategy. Content is becoming the foundation of successful marketing campaigns. Large and small brands are being expertly positioned by Content Strategists to achieve business objectives.

“Without a Content Strategist on your marketing team you leave yourself open to brand identity issues. A specialist will make sure a unified message is broadcast across all channels,” said Joe Gambino, CEO of Profiles. Profiles has seen an uptick in client consultations regarding resources necessary to support successful marketing content strategies.

However, don’t think these strategies are limited to SEO and keywords. Content Strategists collaborate with stakeholders who lead each marketing medium to ensure that the content being used is having the desired impact. Before this role came to fruition each marketing channel was operating in its own best interest. Now there is accountability for cohesive messaging. Unique, high quality content can translate into greater lead generation and a more active community overall. Without a Content Strategist, many businesses will find it difficult to both properly implement and monitor how effective the marketing strategy
is and make necessary changes as search engine algorithms shift and consumers’ perspectives adapt.

Profiles is a leader in digital recruitment. If your organization is looking to implement a content strategy, contact us to learn how our solutions based staffing options can consult your marketing recruitment needs.

About Profiles:

Established in 1998, Profiles is the leading Digital Recruitment Agency. Concentrating exclusively in Creative, Digital Marketing, and Information Technology, Profiles’ expertise is where Marketing meets IT. Our experienced team, executive leadership, and leading Talent contractors are among the industry’s best. Located in the Mid-Atlatnic, Profiles recruits nationally to supply the best corporations with top talent.

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