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Happy 4th of July from Profiles!

Our hottest national holiday is right around the corner, and with the heat wave we’ve got cooking now, it doesn’t look like there’s much relief in sight. Another “bonus” is that 2012 awards us with the most inconvenient day for a holiday (Wednesday) which, no matter how you slice it, does not quite nudge itself…

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How to Eat Healthy at Work

It’s a fact for many of us that our work can be very stressful. Long hours, straining commutes and lack of sleep all contribute to our low energy and high stress levels. Sometimes, it can feel as if we can’t even stop for a lunch break. When it comes to fueling our bodies with nutritional…

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Why Volunteering Helps Your Career

Volunteering is a great way to gain useful career knowledge and benefits, while giving back to your community; for unemployed job-seekers, it can be a great “resume filler” for a period of time between jobs that reflects initiative as well as good citizenship. You may find it to be a great networking outlet to mingle…

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Should You Take the Counter Offer? No.

After spending weeks searching for jobs, sending out resumes and interviewing, you finally have a new job offer, congratulations! However, when giving your two weeks’ notice, your boss approaches you with a tempting counter offer… should you take it? As the economy improves and more companies are looking to hire, the pool of strong candidates…

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