2019: The Year for Creative & Marketing Managed Services

Companies of all sizes have been utilizing freelance and contract workers for decades. However, certain enterprise companies often need to bring on freelancers in bulk to help out with large tasks. Rather than spending time and money on elaborate recruitment efforts to bring on multiple contract workers, businesses have benefited from using creative and marketing managed services. These types of agencies provide businesses with assistance from experienced, insightful marketing and creative professionals.

Benefits of Creative and Marketing Managed Services

According to Technology Services Industry Association’s “The State of Managed Services: 2017” report, managed services represent 22 percent of services revenues. Additionally, the overall net-new revenue for managed services grows at an average of 42 percent, a steady rate across all industries. It is evident that these professionals can yield exceptional results in the bottom lines of large-scale organizations. How exactly can your organization leverage creative and marketing managed services? Here are some of the main ways these functions can contribute to your business’ bottom line:

Marketing Expertise

When your business invests in managed services, it welcomes invaluable advice from creative and marketing professionals. All members of your organization, even those who are well versed in the marketing landscape, can gain insights from managed services professionals. These experts can offer an external outlook on how your business is performing in multiple areas, including digital marketing, design, copywriting, and web development, among others.

Cost Savings

Organizations can save money by hiring creative and marketing managed services professionals rather than full-time staff members. Bringing on new employees involves forking over more than just a base salary. A column that appeared in the Boston Business Journal estimated the costs associated with bringing on a full-time employee. The combined costs of annual earnings, employment taxes and benefits typically range from 1.25 to 1.4 times the amount of the base salary; the column cited a cost range for an employee with an annual salary of $50,000 as approximately $62,500 to $70,000. This significant amount does not take other expenses into consideration, such as recruiting costs, workspace accommodations, and other costly factors.

When you work with creative and marketing managed services, you are cutting your organization’s costs significantly. Investing in these professionals requires you to pay for their work alone, without having to deal with the overhead costs associated with your full-time staff.

Task Consolidation

When your business is in the midst of a hectic time of year, you may need someone to assist with the extra workload. If you work with creative and marketing managed services, you can delegate tasks to these offsite professionals to keep up with high demand and stay profitable.

Profiles Creative and Marketing Managed Services Recruitment

If your business needs some extra hands on deck to help with marketing and creative projects, get in touch with Profiles and learn more about our Managed Service staffing solutions. We can match you with the most qualified candidates in these fields to improve your business while boosting ROI.

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