4 Social Media Etiquette Tips for Job Seekers

In the modern job-seeking world, applicant screening isn’t the only thing stopping candidates from finding work. Social media profiles will do it too. Are your social media profiles ready for the hiring manager and recruiter to see? Do you know what recruiters hope to see and hope not to see? What should you keep private and what’s safe to share? Can having a profile be a red flag in and of itself? So. many. questions.

Luckily, we’re here to help you prepare yourself should employers use social media to screen applicants for the positions you choose to apply for. Here’s our best recruiting advice when it comes to social media etiquette for job seekers:

1. Keep it PG

The No. 1 tip from recruiters is to be mindful about what you’re posting. You don’t have to delete your profiles entirely but post carefully and with your audience in mind. If you wouldn’t want your grandma to see it, you certainly don’t want to put it out there for recruiters to find. Post casually and feel free to share some personality, but keep the content clean and appropriate. Don’t post nasty, divisive or offensive content: crude language, fiery political debates or publicly bashing others in your network. Save these conversations for when you’re behind closed doors.

2. Amplify Your Personal Brand

How you sell yourself to employers is not that different than how a business markets to potential customers. Think about how you want to come across to potential employers and emulate that through your social media content. Keeping your brand consistent across profiles, resumes and interviews will help recruiters and hiring managers to feel confident in your sincerity.

3. Post Interesting Content

In addition to posting about your travels, family events or weekend shenanigans, you can use social media to share the valuable content that shows recruiters that you’re a thought leader in your industry. Do you write your own blogs or publish articles on websites? Share your content on your social pages for recruiters to see. This will show how consistent you are at creating and discussing the topics that are important to you and your industry.

4. Clean Up Your LinkedIn Page

While you can switch your Facebook and Instagram profiles to private, your LinkedIn page is designed for an audience of recruiters and potential employers. It’s more than adding your job experience, connecting with colleagues and calling it a day. Make sure your page is in up to date and free from errors before you actively engage with your network.

Long story short: You want to maintain a respectable social media presence, especially when applying for creative and marketing positions. Recruiters and hiring managers want to know that you’re well-versed in these communication platforms and understand their potential for both good and bad. If you can present yourself professionally without sacrificing your winning personality, they’ll have greater confidence that you can do the same for their company or clients.

When you’re ready to start applying, reach out to Profiles marketing and creative recruiters. After reviewing your credentials, we can set you up with the interviews that match your needs and preferences.

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