5 Free Online Resources to Help with Your Next Career Move

When it comes to preparing for a new job, there’s no such thing as too much. You go through countless reviews of your resume to ensure it’s strong and clear, you scour the Internet for creative jobs search best practices, and you perform mock interviews with anyone willing to work with you on them. Thankfully, there are free online resources to help with every step of the process. Take advantage of what’s available so you have an edge on your competition and land your dream job.

1. A Better Interview

A one-stop approach to all things related to your job search, A Better Interview combines real-time professional guidance with a standard job board with over 430,000 positions, including careers in marketing, finance, and other areas of business, according to Forbes. Users are able to chat with a live recruiter who can offer advice on things like salary negotiation and common interview questions and mistakes. This is a useful tool for any professional, whether you’re searching for a first job, or need a refresher before continuing a career.

2. Coursera

When you want to further your education to better your career without breaking the bank, you should turn to Coursera. The resource allows users to take free online courses from any participating institution. According to the company’s website, users can choose from more than 400 courses offered at some of the world’s leading universities. Also, it doesn’t just require you to read long, dense materials. As a user, you’re able to watch video lectures, complete tests, and connect with classmates and teachers. While you won’t get college credit, you will walk away with a new understanding of a topic from a top university that could help you further your career.

3. Careertopia

Careertopia helps professionals identify their best strengths and provides them with the guidance they need to plan out their career path, reported Forbes. It uses articles and tools to assist in building your personal brand and understanding why you may be feeling stressed at a certain job. It’s important to find a career that best fits your personality, and this resource helps with that. Use this tool whether you plan to leave your current job or you’re looking for ways to improve and advance in your career. There’s relevant advice for you, regardless of your situation.

4. Glassdoor

A way of providing an insider’s view of a company, Glassdoor can be considered the Yelp of the corporate world. Use the site to get the real scoop on what it’s like to work for a certain employer. This includes reviews of workload, interview ease, and salary expectations, and can unveil some real issues with management, as all comments are kept anonymous. Company profiles can include information like CEO approval ratings, current news, and recent awards. If you’re already working, check out what’s been said about your employer, and decide whether or not you consider it accurate. If you choose to post your own review, just be careful, as HR professionals typically scan their own company profiles.

5. Flinja

If you want to gain a little extra experience, freelancing is the way to go – especially for creative jobs. Flinja is a platform that allows job seekers and employers to connect and work together on various one-off projects. You have the necessary tools to complete a certain project, and the service helps you find someone who needs your skill set. According to the company’s website, you just need to follow three simple steps to get a gig. Post your credentials, skills, and desired compensation, then connect with an employer in need, and receive payment when the project is completed. An ideal system for freelance workers, this resource is a great tool to add some valuable work to your portfolio.

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