A Day in the Life of a Web Project Manager

Defining and implementing web solutions, monitoring work with a critical eye, utilizing the latest digital advances and leading a team of professionals – just another day in the life of a web project manager.

What Does a Web Project Manager Do?

From initial conception to going live, web project managers guide creative and technical professionals as they create, implement and maintain websites, online tools, digital applications and advertising or marketing campaigns.

With a vital role in each stage of the project, web project manager responsibilities include the following:

Scoping Out the Project

The web project manager’s role begins with a strategic evaluation of the upcoming project: studying project drivers, considering business and technical requirements and limitations, learning from subject matter experts and examining current practices. After this analysis, web project managers develop a proposal for presenting their suggestions.

Design and Implementation

Once the plain is approved, the web project manager will further develop the project by detailing a timeline, designing the necessary technical solutions and preparing for installation. Implementing the web solution includes monitoring and tracking project progress, resolving any complications and meeting cost standards.

Quality Assurance

Web project managers maintain quality through testing and project status reports. They stay up to date on the latest innovations and project advancements, which allow them to continuously suggest improvements and cost-effective changes.

Continued Leadership

Throughout the duration of each project, these managers orient, train, schedule and coach the project team members, who then follow production, productivity and quality standards. They’re also responsible for identifying and implementing ways to improve the team’s workflow.

What Skills Should a Web Project Manager Have?


Education: Most employers look for candidates who have a degree in computer science, digital marketing or another related field.

Experience: Ideal candidates have professional experience with leading digital projects, which often indicates a solid working knowledge of platforms such as MS Project, AtTask, UE, HTML/CSS and Google Analytics. A strong technical background further suggests an ability to handle accessibility and compatibility issues.

Soft Skills

Strong leadership: Effective team management is necessary for project success.

Excellent time management: The more organized the web project manager, the more effective the team is in completing projects.

Hungry for more: As tech-savvy problem solvers, web project managers are always eager to adopt new technologies and develop the next best solution.

Interview Questions for Web Project Manager Jobs

  • Describe your project management process.
  • Tell me about projects you have managed.
  • How do you deal with difficult team members or project failures?
  • What would you say is the most important skill for a web project manager to have?
  • What project management software are you familiar with? Which do you prefer using?
  • What kind of projects are you most interested in working on?

Profiles Web Project Manager Recruitment

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