Best Remote Jobs: 2021 Marketing and Creative Technology Hiring Outlook

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Best Remote Jobs 2021 Summary:

  • Staffing Industry Analysts put out a report referring to survey results sharing that companies plan to increase hiring as soon as Q1 2021, despite lingering uncertainty around COVID-19 and the vaccine.
  • Profiles details the best remote jobs within the marketing and creative technology sector that companies can successfully recruit, onboard, and manage at a remote capacity.

2020 certainly tested the world in more ways than one.

The events of early 2020 have driven business operations to mandatory remote work. Unfortunately, not all businesses were able to prevail, leading to furloughs and layoffs. However, most of the workforce was able to make a seamless shift, despite the abruptness. Technology has made it all the easier to set up shop remotely with countless jobs dependent mainly on computer software and computer systems.

Not to mention, Prodoscore, productivity intelligence software, conducted a study of its U.S. user base in March and April 2020. The data indicated workforce productivity is up 47% YoY – even with the aggressive shift to remote work. Between the uncertainty and patience for a promising vaccine, we are in it for the long haul with remote work. Nonetheless, companies are moving forward with hiring in all departments. Staffing Industry Analysts cited survey results from ManpowerGroup stating that 21% of companies are planning to increase hiring in Q1 2021.

Best Remote Jobs  in Marketing & Creative Tech

Professionals in the marketing, creative, and development silos, while not immune to the onset of the pandemic, staffing within these silos were only moderately affected. As the economy bounces back, marketing and creative roles continue to operate remotely. So long as the employee in these positions has a computer and internet connections, these positions are primed for full-time remote work:

1. Copywriter

Copywriters produce content and text with the goal of promoting the business. This position takes the business intent and forms creative concepts to write engaging and informative copy, usually to accompany visuals. A copywriter is best equipped with pen and paper (or a Word doc). Different types of copywriting include short-form or long-form as well as blog and SEO writing.

2. Graphic Designer

The copywriter is producing the words, and the graphic designer is producing the visuals. Think typography, images, symbols. The graphic designer is piecing together all elements of a project or campaign and producing a visual of the message or business intent. Additionally, graphic designers are keepers of the brand visuality, following brand identity guidelines.  Graphic designers are also enlisted to create brand identities.

3. Digital Marketer

Digital marketers play a key role in both the strategy of a campaign as well as campaign management. These heavy hitters are taking the campaigns hoping to accomplish business goals to the public. Digital marketers are often well-versed in multiple facets of online marketing: email marketing, SEO/SEM, social media, lead generation, and web content management.

4. Social Media Manager

While social media is a slice of the digital marketing pie, there is enough work going into this facet that it truly can sit on its own. Just as the position title suggests, the social media manager is running the social presence of a company. Taking it a step further, the social media manager is strategizing content and adhering to a content calendar, all while monitoring engagement and feedback from respective audiences.

5. Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst is an important piece of any business strategy. Market research analysts gather and organize information about certain markets and customers. Not to be confused with marketing research, this position has knowledge of MySQL and is exclusively concerned with the market, whereas marketing research dives into marketing processes and operations.

6. UI/UX Designer

UI/UX designer is certainly a designer, but not in a traditional sense. This position is marrying the business intent with user experience. UI/UX designers are designing the flow and navigation of a digital product (think websites, web applications, mobile apps, etc.). Taking it a step further, the UX designer is creating wireframes, the skeleton of the product, and the UI designer comes in and creates the prototype, essentially putting meat on the bones, so to speak. Many user experience professionals can do both, but many choose to specialize in one or the other.

7. Project Manager

As the job title suggests, a project manager oversees the planning, development, and deployment of a project or product. Once the project or product is implemented, the project continues duties by monitoring implementation and tracking progress. Project managers head up a wide range of initiatives, and this type of position can span across various silos. Most common, a project manager sits within the IT and web development space, implementing new software and products. The project manager ensures the project stages are executed on time and within budget while assessing the resources designated for the work.

8. Web Developer

Web developers are those technical individuals responsible for the inner and outer workings of a website. These professionals can stand up websites from the ground up. Many web developer opportunities are available. However, just as with any other design discipline, there are choices. Front-end developers are more focused on the forward-facing parts of the website, the parts for the user or client. Back-end developers are focused on the server-side of the website. Web dev pros that are able to do both, while also being a solid part of the planning and strategy of a web build are dubbed Full-stack web developers.

Direct Hire Recruitment for Marketing and Creative Technology

Profiles has made a smooth transition from office to remote, functioning at full capacity, successfully placing candidates in each of those best remote jobs above. Being niche in the marketing, creative, and development sector, 100 percent of our current job openings are remote either until further notice or indefinitely with our remote recruiters working effectively and efficiently to find top talent.

An award-winning Marketing and Creative Technology staffing agency, Profiles places the highest caliber candidates in Fortune 500 companies and successful organizations across the country. Contact us to learn more about our direct hire recruitment capabilities.

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