What To Look For When Hiring for Copywriter Jobs

Effective copywriting is essential in content marketing and has the power to captivate their audience to keep them coming back to their site. It can mean the difference between a boring marketing email that only generates a few conversions and an engaging campaign that continues to bring in sales long after it reached prospects. Aside from proper grammar and stellar proofreading skills, there are many other qualities to look for when hiring for copywriter jobs.


Being able to take a different spin on a topic is exactly what you need in copywriter jobs. The person in this role should be able to take your campaign objectives and devise compelling copy that supports it and lures in readers. Take, for example, an advertisement from the National Agency for the Fight Against Illiteracy campaign, which was highlighted in an article from HubSpot, a marketing automation software company. At first glance, it appears to be a standard car advertisement, with a large photo of a red sedan and a fake logo that simply reads “New Car.” Upon reading the copy, the reader realizes that it’s actually a campaign that’s meant to shed light on the issue of illiteracy. Hiring a copywriter with a creative mind will help generate different ideas that keep your brand interesting and exciting.

Sales training

While they’re probably not the first applicants you consider when searching for an exceptional editorial candidate, those who previously held sales and marketing jobs could be more qualified than others, explained CreativePublic.com, a graphic design business blog. Subtle sales pitches are at the base of all copywriting, whether it’s meant for print advertisements, blog posts, or commercials. As a result, it’s almost a no brainer that a former sales professional would be the best candidate for the position – provided that he or she has other qualities crucial to the role.


All professionals must have a certain level of wits regardless of their role. However, it’s especially important for a copywriter to have this quality, as he or she is constantly tasked with understanding and translating difficult concepts, noted Interact Media, a content marketing solutions company. To get a feel for a candidate’s ability to break down complex ideas, try asking about his or her most difficult writing assignment, and ask what kind of research went into it. Pay attention to the sources used and ask follow-up questions about how long it took to write and research and how the post or advertisement performed.


Since even the shortest advertisements can go through extensive rounds of edits, it’s essential to have a copywriter who is flexible and able to take feedback. The Writers Bureau noted that a writer needs to leave his or her ego at the door when creating copy for a client. Because it’s a creative job and the product is subjective, it’s easy to have conflicting views of what makes for an acceptable piece in the client’s eyes. A writer needs to adapt, take criticism in stride, and produce a new version that shows he or she is receptive to both good and not-so-desirable comments.

Regard for deadlines

It can be difficult to turn around a piece on time – especially for those who are new to a role that requires creativity on demand. However, copy that isn’t on deadline is useless. For example, CreativePublic.com explained that, even if the copy for print marketing collateral is compelling and on point, if it misses the deadline and causes a company to pay fees for a speedier print job, it’s not worth it. Similarly, if blog posts are on a schedule to be published each day, the quality is irrelevant if a day is missed and site traffic suffers as a result.

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