Coveted Ecommerce Job Titles to Break Out Into the Industry

The world of Ecommerce is one where quick marketing pivots and razor-thin margins are very much the norm. Yet for all this risk, the rewards are great: According to Big Commerce, over 50 percent of consumers prefer to shop online, and the entire Ecommerce market has grown 23 percent year-over-year. With this in mind, a profitable business runs with the best and brightest ecommerce marketing talent to maintain profitability and positive brand reputation. But what roles are most critical for a successful website?

Which One of These Ecommerce Jobs is Right for Me?

Many of the Ecommerce jobs that are most pertinent to a profitable business are common throughout design and marketing jobs: digital marketing managers, lead generation, product managers, SEO / SEM specialist, UX designers, web developers, and so on. Yet within Ecommerce, these roles assume new responsibilities and critical importance. If you’ve got the marketing or creative technology skills, you’re in the running for one of these Ecommerce jobs.

SEO Specialists

When it comes to Ecommerce, many businesses live or die by the way they harness SEO. SEO is key for Ecommerce businesses, acting as one of the most important ways a new customer will discover a site outside of word of mouth. SEO specialists will go through a site, looking at landing pages and product listings to make sure they are optimized to comply with the most up-to-date SEO standards and practices.

Paid Media / SEM Specialists

A critical piece of the digital marketing pie, while SEO is designed to nab a business organic traffic, paid media is very much the backbone of digital visibility. These ads get fed through all the most trafficked platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and more, requiring a sophisticated understanding of how the proprietary algorithms and functionality impacts the final product.

UX Designers

Once SEO attracts consumers to your site, user experience is what will seduce them into buying something. Even the most appealing, competitively priced items are likely to gather dust on shelves if they have clunky, counterintuitive user experience. UX designers make the website and listings attractive and easy to navigate, effectively closing the deal by offering a pleasant, uncluttered experience.

Product Managers

Tasked with developing new products, sourcing materials, delivering products to market and then measuring consumer sentiment, the product manager’s role is very much at the core of Ecommerce. While this role may take on aspects of production, the main thrust of product management involves being the intermediary between business leadership, marketing and the customer. The product manager works to align core business KPIs with how a particular product is brought to market. This process can involve measuring market demand via analytics, beta testing new products and features, looking at performance via conversion rates and working with UX​ designers to showcase the product effectively.

Web Developers

With Ecommerce existing entirely in the digital space, web developers are the glue that keeps all aspects of the business together. If the hosting platform issues an update, a developer will be the one to ensure the website remains at peak functionality. Web developers can even create a personalized shopping experience, using cookies to better match products with customers.

Profiles Ecommerce Recruiters Understand What Businesses Need

The unique requirements of Ecommerce mean that companies looking to hire have their work cut out for them, which also means your skillset is in demand. Trust Profiles to aid in your job search and help achieve your goals of breaking out into Ecommerce marketing.

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