Digital, Defined: Do You Know the Employment Numbers Behind Top Digital Jobs?

Anyone listening to the news realizes that digital jobs are on the rise due to the increased amount of time consumers are spending online globally. However, do you know the employment figure for some of the top jobs in the industry?

In the Front End, we have Content, which embodies a team of Technical Writers, Editors and Web and SEO Copywriters. These proven Communication Professionals have adapted to the changing way people consume media. They’ve also demonstrated a knack for telling a story in a new medium. The Job outlook for these professionals is strong- the projected rate of employment growth between 2010 and 2020 is 22 percent.

The Creative and Design Team for a Marketing Department are going to consist of roles like UX/UI Designers, Web Production Artists and Digital Asset Managers. Already in 2010, the number of jobs in this field reached 302,000.

To support all of these positions and make sure that the technical side is handled, there are Web and IT Professionals like Information Architects, Product Mangers, Quality Insurance Analyst and Front End Web Developers. With the help of these professionals, all of the Content and Creative Displays of talent from other workers are easily accessible to consumers around the world. It’s interesting to note that there are Web and IT Professionals who work in the Back End side of operations. Usually those individuals fill roles like Drupal Developer, Web Application Developer and Mobile Application Developer.

All of the products and services these professionals develop are then expertly leveraged by Marketing Professionals to gain the greatest amount of exposure. Account Managers, Marketing Analysts and SEO/SEM Specialists work to keep customers aware of a product, service or brand. In the next 10 years, 29,400 more jobs are expected to be created in this field.

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About Profiles:

Since 1998, Profiles has been finding and placing sharp, creative individuals in professional environments where they succeed and flourish. We concentrate exclusively on Online Marketing, Design, Copywriting, Communications, Web & IT employment. We open doors to companies that might otherwise be closed. Direct hire and freelance positions are updated daily.

Profiles offers competitive salary, 401(k) plan, weekly paychecks, bonus pay, health, vision and dental benefits.

Profiles also provides online software and soft skill training, for free, to those consultants placed with our clients. This keeps your skill set current as technology changes, which can be your differentiator for getting a new job, promotion, or achieving your professional goals.


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