5 Reasons You Should Listen to Music While Working

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The Benefits of Music for Productivity Summary:

  • You would be hard-pressed to find someone who does not like some type of music.
  • Music has many powers, and here, we discuss the power of music for productivity.
  • Studies have shown the efficacy of music for factors that contribute to productivity, such as motivation, memory, and more!

It is no secret that listening to music is a go-to for most people when working, studying, cleaning, etc. Why is that? Keep on reading. Whether you are one to jam out with headphones in or throw on some quiet tunes for background noise, you are reaping the following benefits of listening to music for productivity.

Increases Motivation

Listening to music increases stimulation. Although some music, like classical, has a more relaxing effect on the body and brain, listening to more upbeat music can stimulate your brain and increase motivation. If a task seems daunting or hard to tackle, throwing on some cheerful, pop songs can quickly brighten your mood and give you the energy you need to work.

Relieves Stress

As you pop in your headphones and press play to one of your favorite songs, your brain starts to release dopamine, which improves your mood, relieving stress and anxiety. Based on studies conducted at Harvard Health, listening to music before or during a medical procedure or surgery lowered patients’ blood pressures and eased muscle tension. So, if you are having a stressful day at work or feel overwhelmed with the tasks you are facing, throwing on a few good tunes will easily boost your mood and help you re-associate a positive feeling with working.

Improves Memory

Do you remember learning silly songs to help you learn the bones in the body or recite all 50 U.S states? That was science. Our brains look for patterns to help us process information and better recall it later on. That is why it is much easier to remember the words to a song or a poem than it is a speech. Songs have a pattern and flow that make remembering the content easier. Even if you are not consciously using a song to remember specific things related to work, consistently listening to music will help improve your memory in general, allowing you to be more productive. 

Improves Multitasking

Although music can sometimes distract you from putting 100% focus on a task, a study conducted by Kelvin Lui and Alan Wong from the Chinese University of Hong Kong found that constant multitasking may not be so bad after all. Their work shows that “those who frequently use different types of media at the same time appear to be better at integrating information from multiple senses when asked to perform a specific task.” They believe that this is due to their ability to pay attention to different sources of stimulation at the same time. 

Spark Connections Among Employees

Playing throughout the office or through individuals’ headphones, music can easily spark conversation and connection amongst employees. Playing music in the office is a great way to get a feel for everyone’s personalities through music taste and build a sense of comfort and community. If office-wide music is not an option, allowing employees to listen to music while working not only encourages motivation in the work but also comradery, boosting company morale. Music is a way to connect with people, being a great ice breaker in conversations as well as an easy way to create friendships in your workplace. Although music may not be appropriate at all times for all positions, it is an easy way to bring employees together, which only improves employee engagement and company culture.

What type of music should I listen to?

We understand the benefits of music for productivity. Now, let’s talk about the types of music. Different genres of music suit different types of work. First, consider what type of work you need to get done.

  • Do you have to be reading and writing? In that case, calmer music without lyrics may be your best bet.
  • Are you doing tedious, mindless tasks? Listen to some of your favorite songs or anything to keep you motivated to get it done.
  • Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Summon up some jazz, classical or instrumental music has proven calming effects and will help you feel at ease.
  • Have you hit the mid-day slump and are struggling to stay awake? Put on anything with an upbeat tune to increase your stimulation and motivation.

In Conclusion

Listening to music while working may not be productive for everyone. Some people definitely prefer to work in silence with no feasible distractions. However, listening to music can have various benefits to those who enjoy throwing on some tunes throughout the workday.

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