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For our August Spotlight Talent, we recognize Katie, Creative Copywriter in Plano, TX, for her exceptional work and recent conversion to full-time!profiles spotlight talent katie burkhart

Katie’s Job Search

Katie Burkhart was fresh out of school in May 2018 and hit the ground running into her job search shortly thereafter, only to hear crickets from her submissions. Katie took her job search to staffing agencies and experienced the same lack of response.  Feeling powerless, she took matters back into her own hands – even made herself visible to recruiters on LinkedIn. It was then our Program Manager, Hunter Boykin, reached out to Katie.

Although she almost did not reply, Katie responded to Hunter’s message, which did include an overview of the Creative Copywriter position. The job seemed great; however, Katie couldn’t help but think she was underqualified for the position, being months post-graduation. Hunter worked with Katie, going through her experience and encouraged her to take the writing test. At that point, Katie felt more comfortable, and this is what set this job apart for her.

Long story short, 30 minutes after submitting the writing assignment, Hunter called Katie, “OK. We have an interview.” She would have one additional interview, and soon after that, an offer. Not to mention, Katie was already in the process of having an offer extended to her by another large insurance corporation.

One-Year Copywriter Contract

Katie started her year-long assignment with one of Profiles’ legacy clients, a leader in the financial sector, in July of 2018. She was weary and rather discouraged by the employment type, but with continued conversations and Hunter’s reassurance, Katie took the position. In this time, Katie was able to join in on quite a few projects to grow her craft and help her gain exposure within the department.

The corporation was working through many tests and pilots, one of which Katie had the opportunity to join. The company had launched a mass media campaign – everything from print, digital to TV and billboards – one of their auto financing products. This campaign would hit all angles, and that was “really cool to be a part of.” Katie had the opportunity to work on some of the marketing pieces that representatives were taking into dealerships, notifying people of the massive launch. Another project that really stuck out to Katie was one she was put on with Vice President of Sales. She helped in the creation of a pitch deck for sales folks to take to dealerships to share the products the institution would soon be offering. One step further, Katie even accompanied the VP of Sales on a meeting with a prototype deck to get a better idea of the people that were being sold to, be a part of the conversation, and adjust the deck accordingly. Katie gained the full attention of the VP of Sales and the conversation around Katie’s conversion was catapulted.

Katie was officially converted to a full-time employee in July of 2019, and we could not be happier for her! When Katie is not working the high-profile projects, she is working through email marketing direct mail, mobile app digital ads, leave-behind pieces, and even joins the UX team to write copy for the website and redesigns as well as sit in on user research sessions.

“I can’t thank Hunter enough for exposing me to this opportunity, and it was an absolute pleasure working with him. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for his help along the way. Thank you!!”

Congratulations, again, Katie! Keep up the great work!

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