Score Top Digital Marketing Jobs in Washington, DC with These Top Job Skills

Top digital marketing jobs in Washington DC have a flair and a flavor all their own. The nation’s capital is a hot spot for political and mission-based organizations, meaning the ability to communicate and message effectively is in high demand. This creates a strong need for young professionals who understand digital marketing, analytics, social media and brand management.

Here are some of the most desired digital marketing skills for scoring top digital marketing job in Washington, DC:

Top Job Skills for Digital Marketing Jobs in Washington DC

Audience Acquisition

Organizations are working hard to advance goals. Effective communications start with a strong audience acquisition strategy. Being able to stand out among the noise is critical.

Email marketing list building is a strong digital marketing skill. Email and SMS text marketing are both essential tools for building an organization’s base. For that reason, anyone looking at digital marketing jobs in Washington DC should be familiar with the most common tools for email and SMS marketing.  Similarly, having strong skills when it comes to list building is helpful in preparing an organization’s need for a specific target.

Content Marketing

Reaching new audiences is essential, especially in digital marketing jobs. However, getting a foot in the door is only half the battle. As the Digital Marketing Institute stated, the ability to write in a clear, concise, and meaningful way is very valuable. Content marketing is a key skill among digital marketers. Creating content to support a brand and promote engagement, with calls-to-action, help drive conversions. In addition to content marketing, digital marketers may also work with search engine optimization through keyword research and SEO writing.

Know your grammar and structure rules. Write within the brand tone of voice and point of view. Craft and promote highly visible content with SEO best practices.

Social Media Management

Understanding how to leverage Twitter and Facebook for brand awareness is a top digital marketing skill. Social media is a powerful tool to host and post content, as well as engage new audiences. Social media management is much more than posting to each platform.

“Knowing how to maximize social media campaigns is very valuable.”

Most professionals today understand the different posting styles between each platform. Within social media jobs, managers are paying attention to not only the content being posted, but when and how. Social media posts are crafted differently between each platform, in terms of tone and length.

Digital marketing jobs in Washington DC, in particular, will put an emphasis on the ability to navigate each social media platform and pivot to match each nuances with each audience. Knowing how to maximize social media platforms is very valuable, and employers will prioritize these skills.

Data Analytics

A well-crafted email marketing campaign or blog post may look good in the planning stages, but take a look into the data analytics to see if that campaign is really taking off. Nowadays, organizations of all types need to be able to use online tools to pin-point areas of improvement and change communication strategies in response to data analytics.

Analytics dashboards offer views of different metrics to report for various platforms. Digital marketers often will look at how much time individuals spend on a given page, engagement rates, and a number of other key metrics. Google, Facebook and Twitter offer their own data analytics dashboards to understand audience demographics and online behavior. To begin digesting data, digital marketers will look into website, blog, and social media metrics.

Making sense of this data and having the ability to form strategies moving forward is a top skill for anyone interested in digital marketing jobs in Washington DC.

Stay Current

Being successful in Washington, DC also means becoming a subject matter expert. Stay in tune with the digital marketing industry, as well as current events. Use your digital marketing savvy to stay abreast of what is going on in the world. Between social media, blog aggregators, and RSS feeds, you will have the low-down in all things current.

Professionals seeking digital marketing jobs in Washington DC will use these resources to stay up-to-date and build expertise in new trends, government and legislation, along with a variety of other news.

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