Top Marketing Jobs to Support the Cost of Living in Philadelphia

**This article is an updated version of the original written 8/8/2017.

These days, brotherly love comes with a bonkers price tag.

According to analysis from PayScale, the cost of living in Philadelphia PA currently outpaces the national average by 17 percent in 2019. Housing is, by far, the expense that weighs heaviest on the scales at more than one-third over the U.S. mean. But what would you expect from the biggest, most populated city in Pennsylvania?

Job seekers scoping out postings in the area will need to find a position that rakes in enough dough to cover housing costs, utilities, groceries, entertainment and every other amenity of big city living. What top marketing jobs would help applicants live a cushy life along the Delaware River?

Digital Marketing Specialist

How well a business sells itself depends on the strength of its digital marketing specialist. These professionals already know the ropes: how to turn out clean copy for the company blog, how to leverage search engine optimization, how to win on social media. True digital marketing specialists also understand and articulate the greater objectives of the brands they work under, as well as the audiences they’re pitching their services. How else can they design killer campaigns and stay ahead of consumer perceptions? In March 2019, PayScale reported the following salary trends for digital marketing specialists:

  • Average salary for Philadelphia, PA: $56,530
  • Salary range: $43,000 to $87,000

Market Research Analyst

The number crunchers. They scope out the trends under the sales figures. Market research analysts draw information from consumers, evaluate the data they uncover, visualize the data and provide the hard evidence that directs and supports the actions of the greater marketing team. PayScale found the following trends for research analysts in March 2019:

  • Average salary for Philadelphia, PA: $53,995
  • Salary range: $40,000 to $78,000

Marketing Manager

Nobody knows the product, service or brand better than the marketing manager. But while these professionals certainly sit at the helm of the marketing department, their roles also include influence over how the business presents itself on a larger stage. Marketing managers assess whether a product in development will stand tall among others in the product portfolio, wrestle with finance over advertising budgets and may even coach their C-suite executives on public relations. Marketing manager salaries in Philadelphia are as follows, according to PayScale’s 2019 research:

  • Average salary for Philadelphia, PA: $71,596
  • Salary range: $41,000 to $99,000

Philadelphia Marketing Jobs

Profiles is here to help. Our Philadelphia marketing recruiters work to place top talent with top brands in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Search marketing jobs to see if your dream job – and a Philly cheesesteak – are in your future.

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