Why Contract-to-Hire Might Be the Best Hiring Solution

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The economy is picking up, which means your business is likely to see a growing number of projects come in. You’ll need to bring in top professionals to scale and strengthen your team so you’re ready to take on more business. However, regardless of how obvious the need for more staff might be to you and your team, it could be difficult to make a case to upper management. One great way to prove a need for the position is with contract-to-hire staffing, which will give you the opportunity to show the value of another member.

Consider the help of a creative staffing agency as your hiring solution. Contract-to-hire is one of the more favorable hire solutions to hiring managers and human resources, as opposed to contract and direct hire. This contract-to-hire solution allows managers to quickly fill a need while lowering the risk of hiring the wrong candidate – a costly mistake. Here are some of the main advantages of looking into the contract to hire process:

How does Contract to Hire work?

Find a culturally fit candidate

A compelling resume and engaging interview provide fair insight into a worker’s true abilities, but they can only go so far. Until a worker learns the basics of the company and gets settled into his or her position, it’s difficult to judge whether or not you made the best hiring decision. In a perfect world, you’d be able to temporarily work with every employee you bring onboard before you make a final selection. With contract-to-hire employment, you’re able to do just that.

Using this approach as one of your hire solutions, you are able to observe your candidate at work, within your establishment. Throughout the length of the contract, short or long, you’re able to gradually increase a candidate’s responsibilities and see firsthand how he or she adjusts to a full workload. You can learn how the employee interacts with team members, discover how his or her work style meshes with yours and everyone else’s, and most importantly, test his or her skills.

Contract workers often receive permanent offers.

Onboard experienced consultants

By turning to an ongoing contract-to-hire process, you’ll find that many of your candidates are of the highest caliber – and that can be especially valuable for your team. Sometimes, the best way to generate innovative ideas and produce high-quality work is to have an outsider come onboard. These professionals bring with them outside industry experience. They have diverse backgrounds that make them seasoned experts in their field. Additionally, those with years of diverse experience are able to more easily ramp up than those who have gotten comfortable in one position or company.

For these reasons, many contract-to-hire workers are often converted to full-time employees. In fact, the American Staffing Association reported that one-third – 35 percent – of all contract workers ended up receiving a permanent offer from their employer. Of those offers, 66 percent were accepted, proving how effective the service is in filling positions with only the best candidates.

Adding a contract-to-hire member to the team can be a major advantage.



Close a bandwidth gap

It can be challenging for you and your employees to recover when top talent leaves. While you want to move quickly to fill the gap and prevent other workers from taking on additional work, you don’t want to risk hiring the wrong person. Since a contract-to-hire employee is generally more flexible than a direct hire, it’s easier to get one or multiple professionals onboard more quickly. You can immediately fill a need, resulting in more evenly dispersed work and higher morale. This way, your team can focus on their responsibilities while the contractor fills in the cracks that form when a key member leaves.

Now that you’ve answered the question, “how does contract-to-hire work?”, it’s time to start implementing this hire solution.

In Need of Contract to Hire Solutions?

Are you interested in hiring a contract-to-hire employee for your next creative or marketing project? At Profiles, we can help jumpstart your contract to hire process & fill positions for you today. Contact one of our award-winning Business Development Managers in your area here.

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