Top Marketing Jobs That Support the Cost of Living in Washington DC

Washington D.C. has, through the last few years, become a hotbed of tech, startup and new media innovation – all of which lead to a surge in available marketing jobs. Yet even with marketers in high demand, the value of a marketing job can fluctuate, often falling short of meeting the high cost of living in Washington D.C. How can candidates be sure they find the job that is right for them and makes ends meet?

Cost of Living in Washington DC and Job Demand

According to Destination DC, the high concentration of technology and cybersecurity job opportunities combined with local government-backing and direct access to lawmakers and regulators makes the D.C. tech job market uniquely vibrant. The D.C. region contains more than 1,000 startups with high-tech employment 2.5 times more concentrated in the D.C. metro area than the rest of the U.S.

D.C. also has one of the most educated workforces in the country, with 50 percent of D.C. metro residents possessing a college degree, compared to 33 percent nationally. This makes the job market particularly competitive, with skilled creative professionals battling to find jobs that can pay what’s needed to cover D.C.’s notably high cost of living. According to Career Trends, the overall cost of living is 64 percent above the national average.

With that in mind, creative professionals need to be on the lookout for the best-paying positions in the field. Here are the top marketing jobs that support the cost of living in Washington D.C.:

Digital Marketing Project Management

Requiring an impressive array of digital marketing skills as well as impeccable time management and communication, this job essentially plots and oversees a marketing campaign from start to finish. Digital marketing project manager responsibilities include:

  • Establish and document goals and objectives.
  • Create comprehensive and actionable plans.
  • Set timelines and project milestones.
  • Allocate and manage marketing budgets.

For their efforts, the Digital Marketing Institute reports that digital project managers get an average salary of between $78,750 and $118,000.

Content Strategist

Content is at the core of every effective marketing campaign – and as delivery platforms become more diverse and complex, creative professionals who understand how to market content effectively are crucial. Content strategists approach marketing by identifying audience segments, creating content for these segments and tracking delivery and conversion rates for this content. A content strategist can expect a salary of between $81,250 and $115,000.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing involves being able to tell the story of a business or organization, highlighting certain values and leveraging reputation into something that enhances the bottom line. Brand marketers fundamentally must possess strong storytelling and narrative construction skills, complemented by good communication and understanding of the marketplace and the goals of the brand. Starting salaries range from $66,000 to $98,000, and after five years of experience jump up to almost $130,000.

The key to all these jobs is making sure you have the right experience with the right companies. Working with Profiles means that candidates are matched with some of the top rated employers in the area, organizations looking for unique skills and experience to help build a reputation.

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