With the popularity of social media, it’s important to create an effective marketing strategy that utilizes social media platforms to attract new customers and promote your brand. Our social media recruitment agency can help you find the talent you need to keep your business's social media profile competitive and expand your customer base. Profiles has worked over hundreds of mid-size to Fortune 500 companies in the region to help them hire a social media marketer to boost their social media presence and increase traffic and revenue.

For the past 18 years, our continuing dedication to excellence has made us one of the best creative recruitment agencies in the Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, Richmond, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, and Newark areas.

If you’re looking to hire a social media marketer to drive website traffic, contact Profiles today. See what makes us one of the best social media manager staffing agencies in the Mid-Atlantic.

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Why Profiles?

Hiring the right employee can lead to a more motivated, engaged and productive workplace. No one understands that more than Profiles. That’s why our social media recruitment firm has some of the highest rates of success in the industry. We’ll deliver you an ideal candidate in a fraction of the time it would take you to post the position and conduct interviews.

At Profiles, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, that’s why we only work with the top 20% of job seekers nationwide. You can be assured you will hire a social media manager who has the knowledge and experience required to thrive in your organization. Plus, you’ll be matched with a candidate that aligns with your needs, goals and culture.

But what separates us from other social media marketing staffing agencies, is our ongoing commitment to our clients’ needs. We offer training and resources to our hires to make sure they remain competitive in this ever-evolving space. It’s our goal to make sure you get the best possible return on your investment.

Recently-Placed For Existing Clients

Social Media Coordinator

Chicago IL

Paid Media Specialist

Philadelphia PA

Digital Marketing Strategist

Richmond VA

Positions We Staff

“Platforms and best practices are always evolving. That’s why it’s important to stay ahead the curve and out in front of your competition. Make your social channels work for you. Our social media recruitment firm can match you with a strategist that will boost your online engagement and interact with potential customers. Whether you’re looking for a direct hire or fill a contract position, Profiles can help you get started.

Our social media recruiting firm staffs every position from an entry-level social media strategist to an experienced social media marketing manager. Here are some specialties we are currently staffing:

Social Media Strategist: Creating an engaging and informative public profile fueled by a rich content calendar, they work to develop an interactive relationship between businesses and their customers. Our social media recruiting firm looks for candidates with the knowledge and creativity needed build your social presence.

Online Community Manager: Serving as a liaison between your company and your customers, online community managers target interest groups to pitch your products and services. Our social media recruitment agency can find the talent that can help you reach out to relevant online communities.

Social Media Manager: They design and execute social content and paid ad campaigns to help grow your audience to get more sales and promote your brand. A well rounded understanding of content and search marketing helps tie in your social channels to measure the impact within your overarching content strategy. Our recruiting team can match you with candidates with the knowledge and experience needed to create a strategy to meet your business goals.

In addition to our social media recruiting services, we also staff a wide variety of marketing and digital marketing positions. For a full list, please visit our marketing staffing service page.

What You Can Expect From Our Social Media Recruiting Firm

Finding and interviewing candidates can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. But at Profiles, we’ll explain our hiring process (side note, that landing page should read “Our Process” within a main or sub-title) and present you with highly-qualified and motivated candidates that have the skills and abilities needed to thrive in your organization.

Before we even begin searching for candidates, our social media staffing firm will meet with you to gain some insights on your company’s overall values, goals, and culture. We’ll work with you to get a deeper understanding of your company and tailor our recruiting strategy to your needs.

After our initial meeting, we carefully vet and select the one or two candidates we believe to be the best fit in your organization. Then, all that’s left for you to do is interview the candidates and confirm our selections. With our streamlined recruiting process, you don’t have to waste time combing through resumes or conducting countless interviews.

What sets us apart from other social media staffing agencies in the area is our ongoing commitment to excellence. You will receive a dedicated account team which monitors your new hire’s performance to ensure that he or she is living up to your expectations. At Profiles, we are dedicated to making sure that you have the right employees to help you achieve your business goals.

Find Your Dream Employee Quickly with Profiles

Our social media recruiting firm does more than just find candidates, we curate careers. Profiles will work with you to find you a social media marketer that will boost your brand’s awareness and encourage engaged interactions with your customers.

If you’re looking to hire a social media marketer to drive website traffic or promote your brand, contact Profiles today. Find out how our marketing recruiters can match you with some of the most talented and qualified individuals in the area.”

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