What to Include in Your Facebook Advertisements

If you’re like most in social media marketing jobs, you’ve embraced the use of Facebook advertisements in your marketing plans. Reaching people through social media is an effective way of introducing your product or service to customers and maintaining brand loyalty. However, there’s much more involved in Facebook marketing than just creating a fan page and posting every now and then. With all of the changes to the News Feed algorithm, an advertisement may be your best bet at cutting through the noise. Make sure you include all of these factors when designing your ad.

1. Vibrant image

Pictures are worth a thousand words – especially when it comes to those on social media. When quickly scrolling through their News Feeds, people are more likely to stop and pay attention to images than large blocks of text. Make sure people stop on your advertisement by selecting a vibrant, relevant image that appeals to your target demographic. The same way billboard advertisements typically contain a large image and very brief, concise text, a Facebook advertisement should be easily and quickly digestible- especially for users on the go.

2.  The offer

Once you gain users’ attention with a compelling image, make sure you don’t lose them. Include an offer that they can’t resist so they’re more likely to convert and click over to your Facebook page or website. Tailor your offer to your viewers by conducting some research on the visitors you want to reach.  If they could most benefit from a series of tips, offer a whitepaper for download that is filled with tips relevant to the visitor’s interest. Appeal to their willingness to take advantage of a sale and include the percentage that they could save by visiting your site and making a purchase that day or week.

3. Punchy copy

People’s News Feeds are typically packed with friendly voices and casual tones. Keep in line with that and make sure the tone of your ad mimics that of a friend. Make people excited about your product or offering, and write copy that speaks directly to them. WordStream, a search marketing company, explained that text should only make up 20 percent of your ad so you’re not overwhelming your reader. This is by no means taking the easy way out. In fact, it can be more difficult to write engaging copy under such limiting conditions. Tighten your copy and make it pack a punch that won’t go unnoticed by your audience.

4. Clear call to action

Whether you’re in brand marketing, digital marketing or advertising, a clear and prominent call to action is one of the fundamentals of connecting with your target audience. Make sure your message isn’t buried in copy or outshone by a flashy image. Include a button with a direct, concise message that instructs users on how to take advantage of the opportunity you’re offering. This could be a message as simple as “Start saving today” or “Visit the website.” Whatever you decide, it must push a prospect deeper into the funnel.

5. Real testimonials

A positive testimonial from a peer is often one of the most compelling factors of an advertisement. Take advantage of the ability to include a testimonial in your Facebook ad. You can add in a fan’s positive tweet, a relevant review from a blogger, and more. When you have real people promoting your product or offering, it makes your ad that much more credible and enticing. Whenever possible, let other customers and fans do the talking for you.

6. Interesting video

Videos are becoming increasingly popular in the world of marketing. They can take the place of long, drawn-out copy and capture users’ attention for a longer period of time. Plus, they tend to have extremely high engagement rates, as people are likely to share an interesting video with their friends. Make it long enough to include your most compelling information, and short enough to ensure users don’t lose interest. Also, remember that lengthy videos can take longer to load, which can instantly kill your viewership. Nothing is more annoying to a consumer than waiting for a seemingly interesting video to finish buffering. Keep it short and sweet to make a lasting impact on your audience.

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