6 Game-Changing Social Media Marketing Tools You Need to Use Now

By now, you probably know how to schedule tweets in Hootsuite and measure your company’s (hopefully increasing) Klout score. But there are new tools that have emerged in the world of social media that are going to change the way you work for the better. Mastering a few of these will help with your everyday tasks, advancing your career and giving you the edge you need at top marketing firms. Here are some of the best social media marketing tools to start using today.


Not only does Buffer allow you to publish content to all of your social media accounts at once, but this tool also provides key analytical insight into which times, days and posts work best for your audience. It publishes to your business’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and App.net profiles, so you’re covered on most fronts. And fear no more the looming threat of miscommunication. The social media tool makes it easy to distribute approval rights and encourages collaboration with your team. Master this newly launched professional product to thoroughly impress your manager.


Inc best explained the gist of this tool by naming it the “Google Alerts for the social web.” Mention provides real-time media monitoring to make sure that you’re always in the know when it comes to what people are saying about your brand, product or keywords within social networks, forums, and blogs. You can then respond directly to the feedback using the social media outlet of your choice without even leaving the application. This kind of management is a skill that’s crucial to brand marketing jobs.


Zootrock is a top resource for social media marketers who suffer from writer’s block. If you’ve ever been stuck wondering what to post, this is a great tool. You choose the type of news you want covered in your social media outlets, the product compiles the top content according to those guidelines and then distributes it appropriately. According to the product’s website, the tool effectively increases engagement, grows your following and reduces the time you spend on social media management by 50 percent.

Twitter Counter

This is an especially useful tool for those who have to consistently report on your company’s Twitter growth. Finding content, crafting and scheduling messages, and tracking their results is difficult enough. Leave the extra stuff like reporting on follower growth and engagement to Twitter Counter, which not only tracks these changes, but also helps predict growth over time. Plus, it’s a free service, making it a no-brainer to at least try and see how it can benefit your company.


According to BuzzStream’s website, online credibility is built through networking with top influencers across the web. This product identifies key leaders in your industry, extracts their contact information and makes outreach easy. Think of it as a database that only includes top professionals who can better your brand’s reputation. It helps build valuable relationships that benefit your company. Use the tool for the entire network-building process, from identifying and researching influencers, to tracking engagement, to communicating internally. Networking is an important skill, not just for marketing jobs, but also for your own professional benefit.


Zapier connects all of your brand’s online applications, allowing you to transfer information and content with ease. This helps reduce the amount of manual repetition you experience when working on different outlets and ultimately improves your efficiency and sanity. You can set up “if, then” scenarios like “if a Wufoo form is opened, create a new spreadsheet in Google Docs,” and the application will take care of it automatically. The product integrates over 300 apps, including Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. See the product’s website for a full list of apps.

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