68 Questions to Ask In an Interview

Time to read: 6 minutes

Summary of Questions to Ask In an Interview:

  • Just as much as the company is interviewing you for the position, you are vetting the company, as well. Come prepared to get the answers you seek.
  • Ask questions pertaining to the position, company, company culture, the team, and next steps.

Why Should I Prepare Interview Questions?

“Always have questions prepared to ask the interviewer towards the end.” This is one of many steps while prepping for an interview. Of course, you are being interviewed on your experience and skills, but what more can you learn about the position and company?

Having questions for the interviewer will not only give you a better sense of the position, but it will also show the interviewer that you are serious about the process and the position. Remember, the job interview is a two-way street and a time for you and the company to vet each other. If you are struggling to come up with what to ask, we have done the work for your. Keep reading for an extensive list of great questions to ask in an interview.

Job Interview Questions About the Job Position:

Asking questions about the position you are interviewing for can give you an insight into daily life at this job. Be careful to not ask any questions that were written in the job description, you want to fully understand everything the job entails.

1. What would my first week at work look like?

2. How does this position contribute to the success of the company?

3. What was the individual like that previously held this position?

4. If hired, what top three priorities would I be focusing on within the next year?

5. How can I grow in this job role?

6. What’s the timeline for making a decision on this job position? When would be a good time for me to follow-up with you?

7.What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face?

8. What sort of budget would I be working with?

9. What does a typical day look like?

10. Can you show me examples of projects I’d be working on?

11. Do you expect the responsibilities for this role to change in the near future?

12. What’s the next step in the interview/hiring process?

13. What does it look like during the busiest and toughest times for this role?

14. Would I need to travel for the position?

15. Could you tell me a little bit about the person I would report to directly?

Job Interview Questions About Company Culture:

Knowing about the culture of a company can give you an insight into how much you would enjoy the position. From employee interaction to perks and benefits, ask questions to see if the company values, mission, and culture align with you.

16. What is your work culture like?

17. What benefits and perks does the company offer?

18.  How would you describe the work environment here?

19. How does your company respond to and overcome failures?

20. How are employees recognized for their efforts?

21. Do different departments ever collaborate with one another?

22. Does the company host social outings or events for employees?

23. What personality traits do you look for in your ideal team members?

24. How would you describe the company’s overall management style?

25. What is your favorite office tradition?

26. What do you and the team usually do for lunch?

27. Can you tell me about the last team event you did together?

Questions to Ask Interviewer:

Your interviewer is a perfect way to get an insider’s opinion and perspective into the company. Asking them questions about how they feel about the company and their position can give you a true understanding of the company culture as an employee sees and understands it.

28. How long have you been with the company?

29. What is one thing you would change about the company if you could?

30. How would you describe “organizational politics” at the company?

31. How do you as a manager or how does your manager support and motivate your team?

32. What is your team’s greatest accomplishment?

33. What is your greatest accomplishment with the company?

34. What goals do you have for the company, yourself, and employees over the next five years?

35. What do you enjoy most about working here?

36. What makes you proud to work here?

37. What brought you to this company?

38. Has your role changed since you’ve been here?

39. How has the company changed since you joined?

40. What brought you to this company?

Questions About the Team:

Asking about the team will give you a more clear understanding of who you will be working with and what the dynamic is like.

41. Can you tell me a bit about the team I would be working with?

42.What are the three biggest challenges your team faces when working with other groups within the organization?

43. What are the key positions and groups that I would be working with?

44. Who will I report to directly?

45. Do you expect to hire more people in this department in the next six months?

46. What do you hope a new hire will bring to the team?

47. What are the greatest strengths of the team? Greatest weaknesses?

Questions About the Company:

Knowing about company ideals and practices can give you an insight into how the company treats its employees and the positives that come with being employed by them. It will also show that you are interested in and care about the company as a whole, not just your specific position within the team.

48. What types of individuals are successful here?

49. How and when is feedback provided to employees?

50. What types of advancement opportunities are there within the group and company?

51. What have been the top accomplishments of the organization over the past year?

52. How do you handle or work with generational differences, such as communication gaps?

53. I have read about the company’s founding, but can you tell me more about…?

54. What gets you most excited about the company’s future?

55. What can you tell me about your new products or plans for growth?

56. Where do you see the company in the next few years?

57. Why do most employees leave the company?

58. What type of training or educational advancement does your organization offer or encourage?

59. What types of achievements or traits are rewarded?

60. How is information documented and shared across projects and departments?

61. How transparent is the company about operations/revenue/future plans?

Questions About Next Steps

Use these questions to inquire about next steps in the hiring process so you know what to expect. It will also show the interviewer that you are serious about the interview and are willing to go through additional steps to get the position.

62. What are the next steps in the interview process?

63. Is there anything else I can provide you with that would be helpful?

64. Is there anything that concerns you about my background being a fit for this role?

65. Would you like to see more examples of my work?

66. When can I expect to hear from you?

67. If I don not hear back by ____, when would be a good time to follow up? Who should I contact?

68. Can I answer any final questions for you?

In Conclusion

Many people only prepare to answer questions from the interviewer. Preparing some questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview is equally as important as the usual interview prep. Be genuine when asking the questions and use your best judgment in what questions to ask. Go in with 3-5 questions ready to ask, but depending on the situation and time, how many questions you get to ask may differ.

Showing up with questions inquiring about the team, company culture, and your job position will further show your interest in the position and leave you with a better understanding of your potential employer. 

Interview Prep with Profiles

When working with a Profiles recruiter, you are supported through every step of the hiring process, especially the interview phase. Our creative and marketing recruiters well versed in interview prep and will ensure you “walk into” your interview fully confident and supported.

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