Are You Including The Right Information In Your PPC Ads?

When you look at the length of a PPC ad, you might think coming up with text would be a simple feat. However, those in PPC jobs know that the brevity of the content and deciding what to highlight is what makes it most challenging. How do you choose the best call to action? Where do you link for additional information? What should the headline read? These are all questions you must address before making the decision to move forward. Once you nail down those details, consider including the following brief additions that could convert a person into a website visitor.


Was your company selected as one of the best in the business? Is there an award or notable achievement that would help your reader trust your brand? If so, a PPC ad is the perfect place to include it, noted marketing automation software HubSpot. There are many options in a typical search results page, so it’s important to include notable, relevant information as prominently as possible. By doing so, you will grab readers’ attention and direct them to your site. Adding phrases like “Voted best in service by XY magazine” can be just the push a user needs to click on your ad.


Similar to awards, testimonials will also help build your credibility and gain the trust of new prospects. Either include a line from your own marketing material or try adding an extension through Google AdWords. You can select a positive, relevant review of your product from a third-party website and attach it to your ad, explained ClickZ, an online resource for interactive marketing news. Google also automatically generates seller ratings from reputable review sites, which can be included in your ad to provide even more positive support for your brand.


If you offer free returns or a cancelation period on your product, include that information in your ad to ensure that users won’t experience buyer’s remorse. Your first instinct may not be to include this piece of information in such a short snapshot of your offering, but it’s one of the most important features to highlight. Remember, users are flooded with search results, and while your ad will appear at the top, you need to give them a reason not to scroll past you. A guarantee will help grab both their trust and their attention.

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