Coronavirus Leads to Virtual Job Interviews

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Coronavirus Leading to Virtual Job Interviews Summary:

• Coronavirus has lead many US Employers to mandate work from home and no travel policies as a precautionary effort.
• Hiring needs continue in virtual form by phone and video conferencing.

Virtual Job Interviews During Coronavirus

You may have received communication from your employer providing precautionary efforts in the workplace against the global outbreak of the Coronavirus or otherwise referred to as COVID-19. Many corporations across the United States have implemented a mandatory work from home and strict no travel policy.

Health and safety of the US workforce and families are top of mind. Continued business from a remote setting is encouraged as well as virtual job interviews. While many corporations have enforced these precautions already, it is highly encouraged to eliminate travel and conduct job interviews and meetings by the way of phone and video conferencing until further notice.

Using the guidance from global health experts at this time has the best interest for all employees, customers, and partners. For up to date information on the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) please reference the CDC.

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