How to Improve Company Culture: 4 Things Every Great Company Has in Common

Employee engagement is becoming more and more important in the business world. The satisfaction level of your employees is crucial to the success of your business, and there are studies to support. An important way to improve levels of employee engagement is to address issues within your organization’s company culture. After all, one of the biggest complaints that employees often have is that they are unhappy with various aspects of their workday, including office morale, management style, and a perceived lack of appreciation for good work.

Some of the very best companies, across an array of industries, all have similar qualities in terms of promoting a vibrant and healthy company culture. Below is a guide on how to improve company culture with four positive qualities every successful and dynamic organization has in common:

1. Success is Promoted and Celebrated

Every decent company will recognize and reward the achievements of its workforce. Whether that is with a company-wide email or a shout-out at the next staff meeting, an employee will appreciate it if her hard work and achievements are acknowledged by the C-Suite. With a company culture that rewards success, staff members will be more inclined to work harder and dedicate extra time to making the company the very best it can be. The Huffington Post suggested that another good way to celebrate company-wide success is to post any good news on social media. This sends a clear message to both your employees and customers that your organization values the contributions of its staff.

“75% of surveyed workers don’t trust upper management.”

2. Executives are Honest and Transparent

A recent survey from Geckoboard investigated the issue of “mushroom management.” The term applies to a company that keeps vital information about the health and direction of the organization from its workforce. This method of management often contributes to a culture in which an employee feels as though she is working in the dark, without sufficient understanding of why she is completing certain tasks. The study revealed that 75 percent of surveyed workers do not trust senior leadership on account of their failure to share important information. Conversely, companies with a strong company culture tend to be open and honest with their staff about important developments and the overall direction of the business. The Geckoboard survey revealed that employees are happier when they are kept in the loop, with over 90 percent of respondents explaining that they would like to hear all workplace news, even if it is not positive.

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company culture
Companies with an active social calendar benefit from a stronger office culture.

3. Socializing is Prioritized

Organizations with a strong social event calendar tend to be more successful at developing a cohesive and harmonious company culture. Bonding with colleagues can help foster friendships and consolidate working relationships, improving office morale and creating a friendly and supportive working environment. So although it may seem like the opposite of what you should do, to improve your company culture it is important to focus on the social side of things. For example, if your company is dedicated to creative staffing, seek out events within your area’s creative community. Consider attending shows in music and theatre, or art galleries and openings to connect with colleagues on a more personal, creative level. Or if your team is all about IT staffing, consider holding a company-wide video game contest. And of course, workers across all industries will likely appreciate routine trips to the local bar for happy hour!

4. Schedules are Flexible

Companies that offer their workforce more freedom to create their own schedules and work remotely tend to notice an improvement in their company culture. In the hectic modern age, an employee will highly value an employer who allows her to work on a schedule that suits her best, and with computer and laptops, working remotely has never been easier. According to Business News Daily, remote working options and even shorter work weeks can actually contribute to an uptick in productivity and an improvement in the overall success of a business.

From the examples above, it is clear that the most effective way to strengthen your company culture is to increase communication: Communication, between all levels of an organization, will help make company goals clearer and improve working relationships.

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Building a strong workforce is important, especially when building and improving your company culture. While it is important for companies to prioritize employee satisfaction, you want to make sure you are bringing in the best talent for your organization.

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