A Letter from Our President and CEO

Marketing and Creative Tech Staffing Agency Profiles CEO Joe Gambino

As 2015 approaches its halfway point, there is so much great news to enjoy!  At 17 years old, Profiles is still young, but also a very seasoned leader in Tailoring Talent and Curating Careers.  Corporate America has demonstrated its need for Profiles’ expertise in Marketing, Creative, and Information Technology, as well as our  ability to deliver candidates that improve their business. Additionally, our candidates help reshape the way our client organizations deliver their brands and enhance the stakeholder and customer experience.

It’s no secret how we do it, it’s just a mixture of amazing leadership, committed team, and the humble yet bad-ass way we learn and apply our ideas.  At Profiles, no idea is a bad one and every tool counts. Our vendors are an integral part of our success.  Our clients are paramount to us.  Our team learns daily and applies solutions that make a difference.

When people are your product, it’s like rallying cats at a tuna farm.  But because people matter to us, it’s such a breeze.  We make it look easy, and the gears under the hood are well oiled and maintained for the long haul.  At Profiles, our clients have also committed for the long term, and for that, we are thankful.

As we head into the second half of 2015, we’re here with new ways to deliver the best candidates.  Hell, they’re knocking down our doors.  If we could service every client in the universe, all of our Talent would be delivered on time!  So until then, Profiles will be doing what we do best.  And for us, the best is never enough.

Stay tuned for the best Talent delivered like a custom suit tailored just for you! And for you, our valued candidates, we’re always here to propel your career!

Enjoy the summer with family, friends and all the business folks you love!!


Joe Gambino

Profiles, President and CEO

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