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Many organizations struggle to deliver complex products or processes into an easy-to-understand format. That is why many firms turn to recruitment teams to hire technical writers. They are able to turn complex topics and applications into digestible content. Being accurate, consistent, and clear in their writing, technical writers can produce technical, legal, and educational copy for any product in any industry. Build credibility with easy to comprehend instructional guides, FAQs, and support resources across all digital and print mediums.

Finding writers with the creative and industry expertise to do this is no easy task. At Profiles, our technical writer recruiters can help you find the brightest candidates who not only have the credentials in your field, but fit in with your company’s values and culture. We have helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies in the Mid-Atlantic region find their ideal technical writers to turn complex ideas into understandable content.

If you need help with staffing a technical writer, contact Profiles. See how our staffing firm can help you find the talent you need in as little as two business days.

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Why Profiles?

Hiring the right person leads to a more motivated, engaged and productive workplace. No one understands this more than Profiles. That is why our technical writing recruiters have some of the highest rates of success in the industry. We will match you with talented individuals who will present your company’s ideas and products in a professional and polished manner — and we can do it in as little as two business days.

At Profiles, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. That is why we only work with the top 20% of job seekers nationwide. With our technical writer staffing agency, you can be assured that you hire a technical writer who is the perfect fit for your company.

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Positions We Staff

“Profiles staffs a variety technical writing positions that encompass all industries including the engineering, software, and financial sectors. Whether you are looking for a direct hire, or want to fill a contract position, our recruiters can find the writers you need to effectively present your products and ideas.

Additionally, we staff a variety of writing and content creation positions. For a full list of our content recruiting services, please visit our copywriters recruiters page.

What to Expect In Our Recruiting Process

If you do not know where to look, conducting a candidate search can be a costly and tiresome task. At Profiles, our technical writer recruiters will guide you through the process and deliver you the candidates we know will flourish in your organization.

Before we select candidates, we will sit down with you to gain insights into your organization’s hiring goals, culture, and values. We will then develop a personalized recruiting plan that will match you with qualified candidates.

We carefully consider each candidate in terms of skills, experience, and cultural fit, and only send over the one or two candidates that are best suited for the position. From there, you may conduct your own interviews and confirm that our selections.

Get Started Today

Profiles does not just find talent, we will work with you to find individuals who match your company’s values and cultural. For additional information on our services, speak with one of our technical writer recruiters today to learn how we can help you find and hire experienced talent.

If you are looking to hire a technical writer, contact Profiles and see how our technical writing staffing agency can match you with a candidate that has the skills, experience, and personality to succeed in your company.”

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