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Good user interface is usually the difference between successful websites and software and one’s that fail to make an impact. Your products and services need to clearly promote your company’s message while being engaging and easy-to-use. All of this is made possible because of the creative minds of visual & UI Designers. Using customer analysis, design research, and user storylines, UI Designers can turn your ideas into simple yet engaging products.

Finding a great designer is no easy task. Not only do they need to possess the designer talent to produce impactful work, they also need to be able to collaborate with many different departments in your organization. At Profiles, our visual designer recruitment agency specializes in placing creative UI designers that will flourish in your organization.

We have helped dozens of Fortune 500s and premium brands in Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, Richmond, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, and Newark areas find their ideal candidates. With Profiles, you get more than just a visual & UI design recruitment agency. You get a team of dedicated recruiters that will help you hire UI designers that embodies your culture and values.

Looking to hire visual or UI designers? Contact Profiles and see how our visual & UI design recruitment agency can pair you with some of the most creative minds in the region.

Staffing Solutions


The people you need - when you need them.

Project Based

A team of onsite consultants for long term projects.

Direct Hire

We make it easy to find that killer addition to your team.

Managed Services

Build collaborative teams from scratch

Why Companies Choose Profiles

Since 1998, companies have turned to Profiles for all their design staffing needs. Our visual design recruitment agency has helped hundreds of brands find their “purple squirrels.” Purple squirrels are those candidates that seem impossible to find. With our industry knowledge and experience, we can find you your ideal candidate in as little as two business days.

To ensure our clients hire only the most qualified individuals, we only work with the top 20% of job seekers nationwide. Each of our candidates is carefully vetted to make sure they fit in with your organization’s needs, goals, and culture. With Profiles, you’ll be able to hire visual designers that will make an impact on day one.

At Profiles, our client relationships don’t end when the hire is made. We continue to monitor our placement’s progress to ensure that they are living up to your high standards. If for some reason, you’re dissatisfied with their performance in the first 90 days, we will find a replacement at no charge. It is our job to make sure you are getting the best return on your investment.

Recently-Placed For Existing Clients

Visual Interaction Designer

Washington DC

UI Designer

Philadelphia PA

Ecommerce UI Designer

Baltimore MD

Flexible Staffing Solutions

“Profiles staffs a wide variety of positions for clients across all industries. Whether you need to make a direct hire, fill a contract, or outsource your next project, our user interface designer recruitment agency can help you find talent that will make life easier on your customers.

From entry-level designers to experienced design managers, Profiles’ specialized team of dedicated recruiters covers all skill levels. For a complete look at the various design and creative positions we staff, we welcome you to visit our creative recruitment agency page.

Why Profiles is the Visual and User Interface Design Recruitment Agency You Want

Posting positions, going through applications, and conducting interviews is a time-consuming and costly task. Profiles does the work for you. You’ll get a dedicated account manager to guide you through the hiring process. He or she will be your main point-of-contact throughout the life of the relationship. With Profiles, you will always know who to talk to.

Before we talk to candidates, your account manager will meet with you to gain a better understanding of your needs, goals, and culture. They will then tailor their recruiting strategy to fit your company’s needs.

Our recruiters carefully consider each candidate in terms of skills, experience, and personality. Once we find the UI and visual designer candidates that we believe are the best fit, we send them over to you. All you need to do is confirm our selection.

After the hire is made, we continue to monitor our placement’s performance and offer free training tools and resources. At Profiles, we make sure that you hire designers that is fitting in and producing results. It’s our commitment to excellence that separates our team from others in the area.

Start the Process Today

At Profiles, we do more than just find creative talent, we find companies their ideal candidate. We make sure all client’s staffing needs are met by pairing them with individuals that match their needs, goals, and culture.

If you are looking to hire a user interface designer, contact Profiles to see how our Visual & UI design recruitment agency can help you find quality candidates in your area.”

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